3 out of 4 heart valves replaced successfully

3 out of 4 heart valves replaced successfully

GMCH replaces 3 out 4 valves of heart.

3 out of 4 heart valves replaced successfully

The successful replacement of three valves of heart of a 35 years old woman in one shot has added to the milestone established by Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital’s Cardiac Centre’s Cardiac Thoracic & Vascular Surgeon Dr. Sanjay Gandhi. It has been claimed the second successful case in medical history of Rajasthan. Earlier a same case was operated that too at GMCH only.

Dr. Sanjay Gandhi said that, Bhilwara resident, Shanta Devi (35 years) was suffering from ascites (fluid in abdomen), breathlessness and swelling in legs which was making her unable to walk. On a visit to Geetanjali Hospital & consultancy from the cardiologists Dr. CP Purohit, the patient underwent investigation of Echo-Cardiography which confirmed that out of four valves of heart three were damaged and blocked leading to patient’s life at risk. It was decided to operate on the patient after giving some medicine supplements to bear the risky operation. The surgery lasted 6 hours in which the three valves were replaced successfully. The team of doctors including Dr. Sanjay Gandhi was Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgeon Dr. Surinder Patel, Cardiac Anesthetists Dr. Ankur Gandhi, Dr. Kalpesh Mistry, Dr. Manmohan Jindal & Dr. Dharamchand, Cardiologists Dr. CP Purohit, Dr. Harish Sanadhya & Dr. Ramesh Patel.

The Valve Problem:

Dr. Gandhi said that this heart disease is termed as Rheumatic Heart Disease. This disease leads to respiratory infection in patients resulting in cough and cold. This cough affects the heart and after a span of 10-15 years the patient suffers from valve problems. This leads to breathlessness and weakness persist in the body of such patients.

The Complex Procedure:

“Usually, one or maximum two valves of the heart are replaced at one time. But, in this case three valves out of four were replaced all together making it a complex procedure. Cardiac surgery is carried with very precautionary measures to ensure successful survival”, said the cardiac surgeon Dr. Gandhi. Geetanjali Cardiac Centre by performing such critical & rare successful procedures is establishing new milestones in medical history.


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