Living on Water and Tea for 25 years, this 64 year old from Udaipur is as fit as ever

Living on Water and Tea for 25 years, this 64 year old from Udaipur is as fit as ever


The common practice of fasting entails going without food and many a times even without water for a day or for a week.  However, going without food for a period of 25 years is nothing short of a miracle. It also speaks of the capacity of the human body, which we, as commoners are not exposed to.

64 year old Krishna Soni of Udaipur has been doing just this. She has been consuming just tea and water for the last 25 years and has not taken a morsel of eatables over this period.


This is her  story

It was in 1984, when Krishna Soni suffered from Ulcers and had undergone surgery. A few years later, an argument with her husband resulted in additional complications, after which she lost interest in food. She pondered that there are thousands of people in India who are living in miserable conditions, do not have any thing to eat and starve every night.  Despite this, they are living their lives. She gave up on eating food.

Krishna's niece Dr. Surekha Soni, while talking about Krishna said that her aunt Krishna, being a home maker is leading the life of a saint.  She sleeps for 4 hours.  Her day starts very early every morning and she keeps herself busy till late in the night. Dr. Surekha said that she has been staying with Krishna from the last 5 days and is really surprised to witness her life style.

On the other hand, Krishna's brother-in-law Gajendra Soni said that she use to do all her work by her self, tough she use to keep in fasting since last 25 years but is still completely fit and have no illness which is actually a miracle.

It is possible with the help Yoga.

General and Leproscopic surgan Assistant Proffesor Dr. Rajveer Singh informed that by taking less calories for a long reduces the metabolism of ones body and the requires less calories to survive and the body generates energy from the resources available in the liquid flowing in the body.Same is the case of the Saints who use to make their bofy such that theur bodies can work even on less amount of calories.

The Saint  Muni Sambhudh Kumar by commenting about Krishna special conditions said that accoridng to the religious sayings and holy writings one can achieve such state in life by regular devotion, decipline. This csn be achieved by both kind of people weather he or she is a saint or a being socail. But achieving this while being social and performing all other responsibilities of life is a big thing.

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