This Udaipur kid's glassware start-up 'Mosa' is helping Vancouver take another step toward sustainability

This Udaipur kid's glassware start-up 'Mosa' is helping Vancouver take another step toward sustainability

Abhiudai born in Udaipur in 2000, did his initial schooling with The Study before moving on the Bangalore and then to Canada.


Mosa re-brand launch took place on December 1 and its merchandise will soon be available on the UBC Bookstore

Abhiudai Mishra, born in Udaipur on 26 December 2000 is at the age of 22, helping residents of Vancouver in Canada take new steps in the direction of sustainability with his all-student start-up, MOSA.  A tidying up process after a fun party with friends led to recognisiing a problem, deliberating on the solution and implementing an idea. That is what MOSA is all about.


Abhiudai Mishra S/o Pankaj Mishra & Shalu Soral Mishra, Udaipur

Abhiudai Mishra, a student of University of British Colombia, was tidying up beer and wine bottles after a night out with friends when one of the bottles slipped to the floor and broke. "Where does this go after the bottle is broken?", wondered Abhiudai. A little investigation led him to the fact that 77 percent of glass bottles wind up in landfills, rather than being recycled because the glass is shattered. Glass cutting instructions on YouTube were discovered by Mishra and co-founder Prishita Agarwal after months of discussing how to divert glass bottles out of landfills. From an ice cube to a lighter, they used everything to try to break through the glass. 

After months of brainstorming they made a few glasses and candles and tested them out in friend groups and local restaurants for their reviews. All liked the idea very much. Mishra and his co-founder enlisted a few colleagues after recycling a few glass bottles. The students named their start-up Rescued Glass YVR because they wanted to get it going as soon as possible. 

Mosa Glassware Vancouver Startup Udaipur Kid Abhiudai Mishra

They search through beach clean-ups, neighborhood pubs, restaurants and other places to gather glass bottles that they may use in their micro-factory. The outcome is a distinctive, environmentally friendly assortment of candles, platters, lighting, drinks, and shot glasses.

The sustainable, student-run company is no longer known as Rescued Glass YVR; it is now known as Mosa. The name is a reference to the first house party. "In those house parties the alcohol that we were drinking was Mosa," says Mishra. "The name really helps us when we are thinking about larger conversations," says Mishra. 

Mosa's story seems to inspire people as well, adds Jin. "People genuinely care and it almost activates a piece of them that wants to make a difference and wants to make a change," he says.

Born in Udaipur, Abhiudai did his initial schooling from The Study, before shifting to Bangalore with his parents. There he studied in the International School Bangalore, before moving to the UBC Saunder School of Business, where he is pursuing his Bachelor in Commerce with Marketing, Business Analytics and Psychology as his subjects.

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