Elderly woman found abandoned on the streets is now under the care of an old age home

Elderly woman found abandoned on the streets is now under the care of an old age home

 She had not eaten the whole day...
Abandoned Old Lady Sent to Old Age Shelter
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It was 11am in the morning on 21 September, that Shikha Saxena, the Dy Director of the Regional Tourism office was driving to office, when she saw an old lady sitting on the side of the road near Surajpol. There was a bundle of clothes and a water bottle lying next to her. Taking it as a routine affair, Shikha carried on to her work.

At 7:30pm, when she was returning by the same route, she saw that the old lady was still sitting there, with the bundle of clothes still next to her along with the water bottle. Out of curiosity and concern, Shikha went closer to the old lady and noticed that she was crying. Her condition was shabby and her face was gloomy and miserly. She was also wearing silver anklets.

Shikha asked her co-worker to speak to the lady and they got to know that she was kicked out of her house by her family and abandoned on the road. After much cajoling and convincing, she developed trust in these strangers. Then Shikha called the Social Welfare Department, whose team came immediately and pick her up. Shikha told the lady to forget the past, for now she will be in the company of other elderly at the old age home, which she was finally taken to. Shikha, in conversation with UdaipurTimes said that her heart pained to see the level of indignity that people have fallen to and a shame to society.

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