"We are your custodians, trust us..." Chandrasheel Thakur, ADSP, Udaipur City

 "We are your custodians, trust us..." Chandrasheel Thakur, ADSP, Udaipur City

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Thakur, in a candid conversation with Sohail Khan of UdaipurTimes, shared his views on the traffic situation, rising crime and policing aspects of Udaipur.

Udaipur Times took an opportunity to interact with Mr. Chandrasheel Thakur, ADSP (Udaipur City) in a one to one open conversation.

During the course of conversation, the ADSP spoke on various aspects of policing and coordination local administrative bodies in the district. Our correspondent, Sohail Khan touched upon key topics and pain points of the general public, which included the traffic situation, imposing of regulations, inadvertent parking in the city, increasing incidents of crime, both small and big, behavior issues of police with the public and a need for open communication between the police and public.

Presented below is the abridged version of the interaction between ADSP Thakur and UdaipurTimes.

Traffic Situation and Roads

I believe the quality of roads should not deter the public from keeping themselves safe. Wearing a helmet becomes all the more important when the road condition is not good” – ADSP Chandrasheel Thakur.

He assured that the police is keeping an eye on the city road infrastructure. The police department is in continuous talks with the various relevant administrative bodies of the district, which include the Udaipur Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) and Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) in particular. Work on roads has begun in different areas across the district. This coordination will soon result in better roads across the district, he assured.

Speaking on the traffic situation including implementation and enforcement of rules, Thakur said that the department is coordinating with the administrative bodies to enforce traffic rules and improve traffic safety.

Inadvertent Parking especially on busy roads and roundabouts

ADSP Thakur informed that the police has been time and again receiving complains on the unruly parking situations across the city. Most of these areas are residential, busy roads and busy roundabouts. The police have started a drive to clean the city of unruly parking as well as study the needs of parking indifferent areas so as to work with the administration in providing an optimal solution. In a few weeks,  he assured, the illegal parking at roundabouts and public places and busy roads will be controlled.

Demands on compensation

The ADSP clarified about the two recent cases, where the family of the deceased refused to take the body from the mortuary and demanded a compensation from the government. He said that these cases were not related to Mautana (or Bloodmoney). They were simply demands of compensation from the government. In both the cases the family members did not take law into their hands. Once the family was assured, the bodies were taken for performing the last rites.

CCTV cameras and liquor shops operating beyond 8pm

Thakur explained that the CCTV Cameras installation has been done only on selected roundabouts and not everywhere in the city. Hence, incidents happening anywhere in the city cannot be captured on the Abhay Command centre camera infrastructure.  He also said that the police department is struggling with manpower shortage and not every incident can pass through the police check.

This, he said, is where the public needs to play an important role. He requested the public to inform the nearest police station on any incident or crime or breaking law and order and then the police will take necessary action if the incident falls in their purview. About liquor shops being open well beyond the allowed time, he said that the above mentioned restrictions do not allow the police to be everywhere at all times. Though action should be taken by the Excise department, still the police needs to be informed by members of the public if they come across any such shops being open after 8pm and then the department will take necessary action.

Incidents of misbehavior by police

A policeman standing under the sun for 8-10hrs a day due to his duty obligations at times takes out his frustration on the passersby.  This, though understandable, is still not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Speaking on the instances of misbehavior by the police, Thakur said that time and again both senior and junior police personnel are told that they are guardians of the common man and that their behavior should be impeccable. He said that the top brass of the department understands this and takes into cognizance the fact that police is part of the common mass and under no circumstances should an innocent person be spoken to harshly.

However, he added, such incidents keep occurring. Thakur said that the public should feel free to communicate any such instance directly to the senior police officers. Action and counseling will be done immediately.

Increasing crime in Udaipur

Thakur said that the police deploy a Zero Tolerance policy when it comes to criminals and criminal activities. Strict and immediate action is always taken within the purview of the legal ecosystem. Speaking on the recurring cases of crime in the city, Thakur said that the department is taking necessary steps to curtail such cases and instill fear among criminals including managing history sheeters in the district.

Open Communication with the public

ADSP Thakur said that the police department is having an open door policy when it comes to giving an ear to public grievances. He said that the police is a part of the community and have been defined as the custodians of society. Accordingly, every resident is free to approach the police department with their complains, concerns or grievances. All arrangements, regulations, rules are for the betterment of the ecosystem and for the benefit of the public. Many a time, the police do indulge in dialog with stakeholders at societal levels, before defining procedures.

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