Get Relief from Melasma at Arth Skin and Fitness, Udaipur

Get Relief from Melasma at Arth Skin and Fitness, Udaipur

Affordable and Safe procedures, reliable treatment and desired results for Skin Pigmentation at Arth Skin and Fitness in Udaipur.

Melasma Cure for Skin Pigmentation Arth Skin and Fitness udaipur Dr Arvinder Singh Dr Suneet Jain Dermatologist

Treatment includes a range of options to enhance the quality and texture of damaged skin

Skin pigmentation (Melasma) is a very common skin problem. It can be permanent, leaving the skin looking unappealing and dull. Arth Skin and Fitness in Udaipur is the first such institute to facilitate world class treatment through state-of-the-art technologies, that help in effectively and economically removing skin pigmentation.

What is Melasma and what causes it?

Melanin is the pigment present in our skin, which is responsible for giving our skin its colour. When too much melanin is produced, it can lead to skin pigmentation or Melasma.

While causes of over production of melanin is not yet known, but change in hormones and exposure to sun is seen to trigger Melasma.

Medical treatment available at Arth Skin and Fitness

Arth Skin and Fitness, North India’s largest quality certified clinical cosmetic clinic is equipped with latest technology and effective medical treatment for skin and hair.

  • Photo facialAt Arth, one gets the patented AFT technology Photo facial of ALMA which is globally renowned for its amazing results. It not only helps in getting relief from Melasma, but also gives one a radiant, even-toned and beautiful skin. Its results are long lasting.
  • DermaClear: If someone is looking for a medical facial, which not only gives them a glowing skin but also skin that is cleansed and exfoliated, then DermaClear is the right medical facial for them. During the exfoliation, one gets rid of dead cells, giving the skin a smoother look.
  • Chemical Peeling: Seen as the one of the best medical therapies for Melasma, Arth’s Chemical peels are known for their amazing results. The top clinical cosmetologists of Udaipur, use the “science of beauty” and render one with a skin free of imperfections. The clinical cosmetologists examine the individual’s skin and use only the optimal medical treatments suiting the need of one’s skin.
  • Top Lasers of ALMA - Arth Skin and Fitness is Rajasthan’s only center of excellence in collaboration with ALMA- World’s leading aesthetics laser company.

It deploys state-of-the-art lasers which work very efficiently on various skin problems including skin pigmentation and acne scars. It also helps to accelerate collagen synthesis making one’s skin healthier and younger.

Medical treatments at Arth skin and fitness are safe, effective and without any downtime. Get top skin treatments for skin pigmentation in Udaipur at Arth and get desire oriented results at very affordable prices.

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