Stay Forever Young - Defy Aging with Arth Skin and Fitness

Stay Forever Young - Defy Aging with Arth Skin and Fitness

Time has an inevitable effect on our skin. With each passing day our skin is subjected to various factors like sun, pollution, stress which make it dull and wrinkled.
Defy Agin Anti aging treatment Arth Skin and Fitness Udaipur
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At Arth Skin and Fitness, for the first time in Udaipur, advanced technology is present using which Arth is able to undo the effect of time, rendering one with best anti-aging treatments. The  panel of experts at Arth Skin and Fitness use the "Science of Beauty" to derive quality results.

Anti-aging treatment explained

Aging is an inevitable part of our life. Factors like stress, sun exposure, lack of healthy diet, pollution etc contribute to the process of agingAnti-aging treatment uses the power of technology and guidance on a healthy lifestyle to undo the impact of time on one's skin.

Anti-aging treatments:

  • accelerate collagen formation
  • promote cell regeneration
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Gives firm and flawless skin

Anti-aging treatments available at Arth skin and fitness

Considered as divine facial for its ability to heal the impaired tissue, vampire facial is gaining prominence among celebrities for its wonderful results. Arth has the best Vampire facial available in Udaipur in which an individual’s blood is drawn and processed in cold centrifuge. Then the rejuvenating serum is painlessly injected in the concerned area of the client. It accelerates collagen remodeling and significantly removes wrinkles, fine lines and skin imperfections.

  • HIFU:

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound(HIFU) is an advanced cosmetic technology. It is used to tighten and lift several parts and areas of the face.  It works wonders in reducing the signs of aging. It is a non surgical and painless procedure used to remove wrinkles and fine lines on the face. In HIFU, ultrasound is used to accelerate collagen synthesis leaving one with a firmer skin. Arth deploys the finest HIFU in Udaipur for face lifting and firmer skin.

  •  Erbium glass - Best Laser to remove the sign of aging

Arth Skin and Fitness is the first and only center of excellence in Rajasthan in collaboration with ALMA- world’s leading aesthetics laser company. Using the advanced Laser to reduce fine lines, Arth renders its clients with desire oriented and outstanding results. The laser is used to accelerate collagen synthesis. It not only reduces wrinkles but also helps in getting rid of various skin imperfections like active acne and acne scars.

Get Udaipur’s best skin and anti-aging treatments at North India’s largest quality certified clinical cosmetic center- Arth skin and fitness. Choose Arth, Choose Quality

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