Rajasthan Mountaineers perform a record breaking 30 Suryanamaskar at +17000ft Altitude

Rajasthan Mountaineers perform a record breaking 30 Suryanamaskar at +17000ft Altitude

Kartik Khandelwal hails from Udaipur and Nivedita Kaur belongs to Jaipur

Suryanamaskar World Record Kartik Khandelwal Nivedita Kaur Udaipur Mountaineer

An expedition to Mt Yunam in the Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh by two mountaineers from Rajasthan could well result in a record breaking attempt.

Kartik Khandelwal from Udaipu and Nivedita Kaur from Jaipur attempted 30 Suryanamaskar's at an altitude of 17,163ft above sea level. This record breaking attempt was carried out in tempeatures of -10°C with 11% Oxygen supply in the air. As per Kartik, this feat was performed at the summit camp during their trek to Mt Yunam in Himachal Pradesh. The reason they chose the summit camp to do this exercise, was because the summit camp was the only place they could find a flat piece of land.

Suryanamaskar at altitude of more than 17000 ft Udaipur Trekker Kartik Khandelwal and Nivedita Kaur from Jaipur

Why 30 Suryanamaskar's

Kartik, in his interaction with UdaipurTimes, said that a single Suryanamaskar holds 12 moves/moses. So 12-30 equals 360, which is one complete circle and represents Earth. Their concept was to promote Suryanamaskar across Earth and this feat was to celebrate "Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsava". Why they chose Suryanamaskar was because they wanted to promote health and fitness, especially afte the recent outbreak of COVID-19, which was one of the deadliest health hazard to hit this generation. Kartik and Nivedita said that Suryanamaskar is one exercise, that covers almost every muscle in the human body and improves respiratory system significantly, if done regularly. Secondly, if does not require any equipment and no cost. Just a piece of 6ftx2ft flat land and effort... and you are ready to go.

The Expedition

Kartik and Nivedita began their expedition from Bharatpur Tent Colony, where they did their acclimatization and performed 75 Suryanamaskars to celebrate "Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav" at a height of 15,419ft. The final 30 Suryanamaskar were performed at the summit camp.

Their motto is to promote Suryanamaskar globally, breaking all the boundaries, caste, sex, creed and religions and spread India vedic culture. For an average healthy person a few practice sessions can lead to ehnanced body functions and a regular exercise schedule to stay healthy and fit.

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