Tasneem Mehjabeen of Udaipur at One Young World Summit in Manchester

Tasneem Mehjabeen of Udaipur at One Young World Summit in Manchester

Twelve people from India were selected to participate in the Summit. Tasneem was the only one selected from Rajasthan.

Tasneem Mehjabeen of Udaipur was the only one from Rajasthan and among the 12 youth selected from India at the One Young World Summit in Manchester United Kingdom

Quality education for the global community is Tasneem's mission

Tasneem Mehjabeen of Udaipur has made Mewar proud by participating in the One Young World Summit that was held in Manchester, UK. She was selected by Novartis, where she is employed to represent the company at the Summit.

The One Young World Summit in Manchester, United Kingdom encouraged young people from all around the world to include ‘social work’ into their daily lives. Tasneem, who was the sole candidate from Rajasthan, aspires to work for the global community's access to high-quality education.

Tasneem Mehjabeen One Young World Summit Manchester 2022

Tasneem, who was born and brought up in Udaipur, is the granddaughter of Hussaini and Batul Magarwala and wife of Fakhruddin Bhojiyawala. Mehjabeen Magar, Tasneem’s mother has provided her service in the field of education for many years. She has been teaching handwriting and English language in many schools across the state.

The Summit challenges are based on upliftment of society like uplifting the economy, gender equality, health and nature like garbage free oceans, reducing wastage of food, etc. Each participant in this forum has taken life experiences and turned them into an endeavor for social wellbeing.

“We need to create a world where we can solve all our problems in a way that technology and creativity permits us.” - Professor Muhammad Yunus, 2015.

One Young World Summit is organized annually by a UK based non- profit organization. Youth with a different mindset who work for national businesses, volunteer organizations and university students are those taking part. These young people receive counseling from well-known personalities and world leaders, who motivate them and test their intelligence. Celebrities like Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Ibtihaj Muhammad, Halima Aden were part of this event and they also shared their stories of struggle across their life and career. 

Tasneem Mehjabeen One Young World Summit Manchester 2022

“There were more than 2000 people from 201 countries across the globe to participate in this four-day Summit. Twelve people were selected from India” - Fakhruddiin Bhojiyawala, husband of Tasneem. 

At this Summit, world leaders talked about the current global issue. They themselves have critically examined these crises and they discuss the solutions for the same. Through this Summit, people can share their opinions for the betterment of the world and each crisis can be solved through shared experiences.

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