This ‘Wonder Bag’ secured the start up award for Bhawana Dangi of Udaipur

This ‘Wonder Bag’ secured the start up award for Bhawana Dangi of Udaipur

Bhawana’s Wonder Bag keeps food warm for 7-8 hours


Bhawana Dangi, as class XII student of a government school in Bhalo ki Guda village at Udaipur won the district level iStart competition for her invention, the "Wonder Bag". Her "Wonder Bag" idea keeps food warm for 7-8 hours. Additionally, the steam that is produced inside the bag can also convert raw food into completely cooked food. The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) selected Bhawana's initiative from among the hundreds of startup concepts that students in the BootCamp program submitted.

The district level iStart competition encourages inventions among school kids. Dangi is receiving mentoring from the Bhamashah Techno Hub in Jaipur, which includes assisting her with feasibility reports, market studies, technical support, and inviting investments for the initiative. She was awarded Rs. 50,000 in cash and her concept was selected in the ‘promising’ category start-up.

" After several failures, I could succeed in making a bag, which could keep the food hot for 6-7 hours and also ensure that the nutrient value dosen’t degrade.” - Bhawana Dangi

Bhawana took inspiration from the situation she found her mother to be in, during the earlier years, and this became an inspiration for her start up idea. Bhawanasa says that when her mother prepared meals in the morning, they had to be consumed cold in the late afternoon. It is a significant issue for the workers from the rural areas, who carry food from home and consume cold food during the day as the meal doesn't stay hot for more than two to three hours in the hot pots that are sold in the market, which cost Rs. 300 and above. Bhawana started exploring the hot and cold concept way back when she was in class IX and since then has been working on this with the assistance of her school Principal and Science teachers.

The Wonder Bag is constructed of three layers of cotton arranged to resemble a lotus flower. A layer of thermacol balls and an undisclosed element are both inside the flower shaped cotton fluff. The meal stored in an aluminium or steel pot stays hot due to the layers' insulating properties. Even the iStart team examined the approach, and they discovered that it had a lot of promise for feeding hot meals to rural workers. The price of the Wonder Bag ranges between Rs. 250 and Rs. 350, depending on the availability of the raw material.

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