Who are the Beard Club of Udaipur... Muchad Club, celebrate World Beard Day 2022

Who are the Beard Club of Udaipur... Muchad Club, celebrate World Beard Day 2022

World Beard Day celebrated in Udaipur

The World Beard Day, which is celebrated every year on the first Saturday of September, has been gaining traction lately. The day is all about promoting and elevating global status of beard.

Few people are gaining fame only due to their staylish beards. Same is the case in Udaipur, where the youth are really found of stylish beards and moustaches and are spending thousands of rupees on styling their beards.

There is a group 25 friends in Udaipur, who are known for different styles of their beards and also have a Beard club in the city.The craze of beard is not new in Udaipur as being the land of royals, the Kings and Maharanas uses to sport breads, which were considered to be prestige symbols. In the modern days, however, everyone is busy with their jobs, but there are still a few people who are crazy about maintaining and designing their beards.

Udaipur Beard Champions on World Beard Day 2022

This Beard Club of Udaipur, named the Muchad Club of Udaipur has members sporting different shapes, designs and length of beards. This club was constituted in 2007.The members of the club are all friends with a craze of long beards.

Due to their attractive beards they have got a chance to act in various TV serials and films as well. The members of the club, while talking about their beards say that they have to take a lot of care of their beards. Some of them have to nourish their beards with Almond Oil and one of the members, Rahul, is even not getting a bride for himself due to his beard.

World Beard Day Beard Club of Udaipur

Upendra Singh, a founder member of the 'Muchad Club', is a police constable and says that he was always fond of growing a beard. In 2006, he started growing a beard with a thought to look overbearing. He said that beards and moustaches are always considered a sign of grace and royalty. He thought that the new generation should also celebrate the royalty of the prestigous kings of Mewar and should also understand their values.

Upendra said long beards not only make a person attractive, but also helps in hiding wrinkes and marks of aging. He said that it is due to his beard that he gets a lot of opportunities to work in Bollywood films and advertisements and he also haa a different image in the police department too.

He said that he got the inspiration to grow a long beard from the slain bandit turned terrorist, Veerappan. Another member of the club, Mangal Singh, said that he was fond of long moustaches since the early years.  He adds that Maharana Pratap was the inspiration for growing a long moustache. Rahul, another member of the club is passionate about long beard and moustache, but his passion is costing him a lot as he has not been able to woo a bride for himself and the reason behind that is his long beard. He tried a lot for getting a match for himself but girls rejected him due to his beard. Rahul said that he even participated in the Rakhi Sawant and Mallika Sherawat Swayamvar held in Udaipur, but was rejected.  He, however is a local celebrity and people click selfies with him.

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