Who is Manmohan - the Udaipur Police Constable specilising in Cyber Crime and Psychonalysis

Who is Manmohan - the Udaipur Police Constable specilising in Cyber Crime and Psychonalysis

Manmohan Singh and Bherulal are the two Police Constables from Udaipur who have been recognised for their special and exemplary services and promoted ahead of service time to Head Constable

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Manmoham was instrumental in cracking the Kherwar Gold heist in 2017 and in nabbing the culprits of ATM loot in Udaipur at Savina and Madri recently

Udaipur Police Constables Manmohan Singh and Bherulal have been nominated for special awards and advance promotions for exemplary services.

Manmohan Singh, who is currently with the Special Team of Udaipur Police, has been recognized for his efforts and recommended for promotion ahead of the regular service time. The recommendation has come from the Director General of Rajasthan Police.

Manmohan is currently with the district Cyber crime team. When he was with the Women Police station in 2017, he was instrumental in nabbing the team of 8 culprits who were responsible for the theft of 8kg Gold at Kherwara. Do facilitate his search and asssessment, he went through nearly 300 CCTV recordings from across the vicinity of the crime and analysed the movements of the accused. He even worked as an ice cream seller at Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh and finally nabbed the 8 members of the Kanjar gang. He also played an integral role in nabbing the culprits in the recent ATM break at Savina as well as the PNB case at Madri in Udaipur.

A cyber specialist, Manmohan has a knack for extracting information from sources. These two aspects accompanied by his commitment to the task allotted to him, have helped the police trace absconding and suspected accused. He is proficient in psychoanalyzing the accused.

Manmohan hails from the Pali district and joined the police force in 2013. Having worked across various police stations, he has been an integral part of many teams that have traced culprits and closed a number of small and big crimes in the region.

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