After revaluation Muskan Bansal is all smiles

After revaluation Muskan Bansal is all smiles

From 32 to 92, Muskan gets her smile back after revaluation.

After revaluation Muskan Bansal is all smiles

Negligence of the Education Board took away her smile but only for a short while. Muskan Bansal is all smiles after revaluation.

Muskan Bansal is a student of 1st year B.Com. A few months back, her 12th class result for Accounts paper took her smile away. But being confident that her hard work could not give her a bad result, she applied for a revaluation. As a 12th class student in Guru Nanak School, her result showed 32 marks in paper of accounts. After revaluation, her marks went as high as 92 bringing the smile back to her face.

Muskan shared her experience on social media. Her achievement was appreciated by many. Muskan wants to alert the Board that their negligence can spoil somebody’s life. She says that she had her confidence along with the support of family and school and also the coaching centre that she would make them all proud by scoring good marks in accounting paper. But the score showed 32 for accounting subject and more than 90 marks in other subjects. The result came as a shock to all. Muskan applied for revaluation confident with the fact that there was certainly some error. As per the result of revaluation, Muskan’s score went to 92 in Accounts.

Muskan says that her journey from scoring 32 to gaining 92 was not an easy one. She credits her confidence to her teacher Rajat Khandelwal and also to her father. She wants the students to understand that self confidence is very important.


This episode of wrong marking certainly raises fingers on the working of Education board. The education board sent the revaluation result to Muskan on 6th July but sent her the password to access the score card on 16th September. The question is why did the board need such a long time to send her the password?

Had the board sent the password earlier, Muskan would have been able to take admission in Delhi University. The increase in marks from 32 to 92 is a big question in itself.  How could the person checking Muskan’s paper mark her answers as wrong in the first instance?

There is a possibility that there are more students who can have better marks after revaluation.  Negligence of the board creates a question mark on the future of a student.

Source : bhaskarnews

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