Bohra Community members take up onus of distribution of Food and Essentials

Bohra Community members take up onus of distribution of Food and Essentials

Food for the needy as well as clothes and medicines can be arranged as needed. Need a 24 hr notice
Bohra Community members take up onus of distribution of Food and Essentials

Free Food Packets and Medicines are being distributed

10 Locations currently being covered - more being looked at

Donations can be sent through PayTM or WhatsApp them the message and money will be collected

Members of the Bohra Community have assembled to form a group of volunteers who are going across to select areas and distributing food and medicines to the needy.  The community members are arranging for funds within themselves, but are always on the lookout for helping hands, both in terms of finances and in terms of volunteers.

Thought, it is the time to stay indoors, stay safe and prevent the pandemic from spreading across the community; still, it is the time for humanity to show its true face.

The Doctors, Police and administration are showing grit and determination when it comes to managing the daily affairs with panache, and the people of Udaipur are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that they adhere to the orders of the administration in spirit for the sake of self, family, community and nation.

Though all would like to help the needy and destitute in these times, it is not practical or warranted.  However, few members from across communities in Udaipur are spreading out to ensure that the poor get food to eat and medicines to manage their daily dietary and health needs.

Food packets are being distributed by the community members and their volunteers.  The food is being prepared on a daily basis at the Bohra Youth Jamaatkhana, Bohrawadi, Udaipur.

The areas being covered at present include:

Siphon Chauraha | Bedla - Samta Nagar - Sapetia | Bhuvan Byppass | Chitrakoot Nagar - Housing Board Area | Shobaghpura | Ayad - Meera Datar Colony | University Road - Kalkamata | Railway Colony | Aloo Factory | Ambavgarh Kacchi Basti

A contribution unit is costing Rs 75/-.  Hence for 10 Tiffin Units, the cost is Rs 750/-.  Contributions can be sent through PayTM to the following numbers:  The funds at their disposal will be used to distribute food and if needed, medicines to the needy. All contributions and expenses are being recorded and will be accounted for.

+91 98290 40787 AND +91 98296 64480.

For those who are unable to send PayTM, please send a WhatsApp message to the above numbers and the volunteers will collect the cash from you.

The team is also accepting volunteers who would like to participate in distributing packets to their areas.  Currently the team is working at 100 Food Packets per day.  A 24 hour notice for additional packets will enable them to prepare more food packets for the next day.  Please indicate requirements for food as well as medicine for the needy during these times of need.

SO HELP those in NEED and you do not need to step out to do it.

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