Unique, Exhilarating and Spirited - Celebrating the Chandrayaan 3 Landing at WorkSpace Design, Udaipur

Unique, Exhilarating and Spirited - Celebrating the Chandrayaan 3 Landing at WorkSpace Design, Udaipur

"While awating the successful landing of the Vikram Lander of Chandrayaan-3 mission, our team conducted a day long workshop on Lunar Habitat"- Sunil Ladha, Principal Architect, WorkSpace Design Studio, Udaipur

Exploring Lunar Habitat Celebrating Lunar Landing Chandrayaan at Udaipur, Workspace Design Studio, Udaipur

India has achieved a successful landing on the unchartered territory of the Lunar South Pole, becoming the first country to do so and joining the elite list of 3 countries who have landed on the Moon. While Indians and friends of India were waiting with bated breath for the successful landing of the Chandrayaan - 3, the team at WorkSpace Design Studio, Udaipur teamed up with the Department of Science and Technology, Udaiput at the WDS Office in Udaipur to explore possibilities of Lunar Habibat, while at the same time, watching the entire days LIVE proceedings leading to the final landing at 1804hrs IST.

The group led by Architect Sunil Ladha, the owner and Principal Architect at WorkSpace Design Studio, conducted an in-house workshop, researching and discussing on how a Lunar Habitat can be created and sustained on the Moon.

Lunar Habitat Workspace Design Studio udaipur sunil ladha chandrayaan landing

"Our office staff of 25 people enthusiastically conducted and participated in the workshop and came up with unique ideas for creating a living environment on the moon" - Sunil Ladha

Sunil, in his interaction with Udaipur Times said that the entire  staff was divided into groups who prepared  different presentations on the topic "Exploring Habibat Possibilities on the Moon". He added that the workshop was summarised a presentation session of the all the groups and a team of globally recognised geologists.

The presentation session was attended by architects, artists, entrepreneurs and even industrialists. Everyone got together to appreciate the discussions in the workshop and eventually watch the Live streaming of the Chandrayaan - 3 landing. 3 Cakes were cut and distributed to celebrate the successs of Chandrayaan - 3, which made India proud once again.

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