Counselling to give up Tobacco - this community health leader from Udaipur has 900 credits to his name

Counselling to give up Tobacco - this community health leader from Udaipur has 900 credits to his name

Rajasthan Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot appreciates Udaipur’s Prem Singh Deora for his resolute efforts to free his community from the clutches of Tobacco and other intoxicants

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Prem has helped over 900 people give up tobacco in the last 2 years in his role as Community Health Incharge (Swasthya Mitr)

Meet Prem Singh Deora from Debari, Udaipur. Prem is the Community Health Friend (Swasthya Mitra). In the last two years, he has counseled and helped over 900 people from Debari, a tiny subdivisional area in Udaipur in giving up tobacco. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot mentioned his achievement and appreciated his resolute efforts in a conversation with Prem during a virtual state level workshop organized on Monday, World Anti-tobacco Day.

In his conversation, Gehlot appreciated Prem’s efforts towards COVID care as well as counseling to give up tobacco.

Prem Singh explained how he went about counseling and advising about tobacco usage and its health hazards, especially during the COVID pandemic. He said that he has helped over 900 people overcome this habit – both tobacco and alcohol consumption. He said that his associates work as a team in establishing this approach. Their efforts are directed mostly towards the youth. Schools were one such place where these workshops were conducted. Shopkeepers in the vicinity of schools were requested not to sell tobacco products. When the schools were closed during the pandemic, Prem and his team used to visit each home and counsel.

The CM said that the role of Swasthya Mitra has been a welcome initiative. One female and one male have been designated as Swasthya Mitra in each village of Rajasthan. This role facilitates guiding people in getting checkups, visiting the clinic, taking home care, etc during the pandemic.

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