Dawoodi Bohras' of Udaipur launch COVID Care Helpline and community support services

Dawoodi Bohras' of Udaipur launch COVID Care Helpline and community support services

A team of co-ordinators, supported by an advisory panel of senior doctors of the city and overseas has been constituted under the Dawoodi Bohra COVID Care team. A helpline will also be be provided for members of the community to address any queries and provide support. An awareness campaign has also been initiated.
Dawoodi Bohras' of Udaipur launch COVID Care Helpline and community support services
  • COVID Care Support Helpline to address queries and provide interim support
  • Home Quarantines and Isolation support
  • Awareness campaign in the form of short videos by Medical Advisory Panel
  • Home Quarantine and Isolation support infrastructure in phase 2

Micro management of COVID Care will lead to prevention. This is the principal that will allow us to overcome small battles and win the war against COVID. This approach adheres to the following care sequence: Self >> Neighbor >> Community >> Society >> City.

With this principal in perspective, the Dawoodi Bohra Community in Udaipur has launched its initiative of a COVID Care Helpline and support infrastructure for members of the community.  A regular awareness campaign by the name of COVID Care Health Series, in the form of YouTube videos by medical practitioners’ will be disseminated on a regular basis.

A team of co-ordinators, supported by an advisory panel of senior doctors of the city and overseas has been constituted under the Dawoodi Bohra COVID Care Committee umbrella. The medical practitioners advisory panel includes:

  1. Dr Abbas Saifee (Neuro, Udaipur)
  2. Dr Ashfaq Hussain (Pulmonologist, TB and Chest, Bohra Youth Dispensary, Udaipur)
  3. Dr Ishaq Shah (Surgeon – Bohra Youth Dispensary, Udaipur)
  4. Dr Saleh Mohammad Kagzi (Ortho, Pacific Hospital, Udaipur)
  5. Dr Nazima Saloda (Gynecologist, Satellite Hospital, Ambamata, Udaipur)
  6. Dr Mansoor Alvi (Gen Medicine – MB Hospital, Udaipur)
  7. Dr Miqdad Hussain Bohra (Psychiatrist, Toronto Canada)
  8. Dr Anees Jukkerwala (Neuro, Geetanjali Hospital)
  9. Dr Shoeb Kutub (Physician, Geetanjali Hospital)
  10. Dr Quresh Bambora (Oncosurgeon, GBH Cancer Hospital, Udaipur)

COVID Care Health Series Advisory

To initiate the task, a series of YouTube videos will be released in defined frequencies. Doctors in the advisory panel will speak about COVID and their experiences in COVID care and prevention. These talks are aimed at educating people about the myths surrounding COVID, remove their apprehensions, tell them the facts and create awareness on preventing the disease for themselves as well as for those whom they interact on a daily basis. These videos will also talk about proper care and medication advisories and quarantine basics in case of infection. Specialists in each area of medicine will speak from the perspective of their specialization and its relation with COVID prevention and treatment.

Chief Coordinator of the Dawoodi Bohra COVID Care Committee, Anees Miyaji, in his interaction with UdaipurTimes, said that internal support within the community in the prevalent situation, is necessary. This initiative has been taken both from the perspective of micro management at community level, as well as helping in releasing some pressure on the city’s health care infrastructure. This initiative is a paradigm shift for community support and micro management of COVID care for others to follow.


A COVID Care Helpline has been launched by the community for its members. It is meant for those who are looking at assistance in terms of clearing their confusions, dispel doubts, taking preliminary advice on symptoms, and seeking medical care during home quarantine or seeking help on hospitalization or second opinions. The HELPLINE team consists of practicing and qualified health care professionals with decades of medical care and nursing experience behind them. They are involved in the current COVID care administration in Udaipur. The Helpline team leader is a MSc in Hematology, and is a Gold Medallist. She is also trained in the process of taking Swab samples for COVID testing.

Sample collection support and Monitoring Support

The nursing team empanelled by the community in the Dawoodi Bohra COVID Care team will also be available on call for monitoring for patients under Home Quarantine. Sample collection from homes will also be provided if needed.

Home Quarantine and initial hospitalization facility

The medical support team under the Dawoodi Bohra COVID Care task force is also initiating provision of Home Quarantine facilities for those who need such as well as basic hospitalization facilities.

Government policies and regulations for COVID Care to be adhered to

Anis Miyaji further added that this initiative by the community is a support system and not an alternative to the COVID Care policy framework set up by the government. All COVID cases that are mild, moderate and sever symptomatic, will be guided to refer to the government approved institutions for care and treatment. Relevant medical authorities have given support for this initiative.  The Dawoodi Bohra COVID Care task force will also provide a status update to the CMHO on the efforts being done and the number of patients in case of COVID+ve as well as their health monitoring status.

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