Diggaj Mogra: Revolutionizing Political career by “Electioneering”

Diggaj Mogra: Revolutionizing Political career by “Electioneering”

Story of a Udaipur based techie turned into Political Consultant - For most of us joining the Indian politics directly means being a leader or no less than becoming a volunteer supporting the leader of a political party but Diggaj Mogra has a diverse role in politics i.e. Political Strategist.


Story of a Udaipur based techie turned into Political Consultant

Diggaj Mogra: Revolutionizing Political career by “Electioneering”

For most of us joining the Indian politics directly means being a leader or no less than becoming a volunteer supporting the leader of a political party but Diggaj Mogra has a diverse role in politics i.e. Political Strategist.

This 26-year-old B.Tech graduate from Udaipur is not a political leader nor he supports any political party but he is in the core team of IPAC (Indian Political Action Committee), a private limited firm providing consultancy services into political domain; quite similar to the firms that provide consultancies to corporate industries.

After successfully strategizing campaigning for PM Narendra Modi during prime ministerial elections, Diggaj and his team headed by IIT Kanpur Alumni Rishi Raj Singh are now brainstorming for Nitish Kumar of JDU in the Bihar Elections. They worked closely and were directly reporting to Modi and now Nitish Kumar.

Diggaj met Rishiraj during Lok Sabha Elections after one of his friends from IIM Indore recommended him. They worked together in the Uttar Pradesh Unit of CAG. Also, during that time he met Prashant Kishor (Mentor of CAG & now IPAC and the mastermind behind Modi’s campaign), he saw his work during Modiji’s campaign and felt that he might be useful in Bihar also, so he called him up in June this year and suggested to join IPAC and work in this to-be historic and action-packed assembly election.

Diggaj Mogra: Revolutionizing Political career by “Electioneering”

Informing more about IPAC Diggaj Mogra said, “IPAC is India’s first cross party advocacy group which endeavors to support the election of visionary, progressive and inclusive leaders to public offices”.

“Our task revolves around researching, analyzing, managing grass root campaigns, handling social media and on-ground intelligence. The global consultancy firms mainly work in the 7 domains or sectors including Financial, IT, Management, HR, Legal, Hospitality and Health Care but we at IPAC innovated the 8th sector which we called Political Consultancy or electioneering” added Diggaj.

Speaking about how the experience of strategizing campaign for Prime Minister Modi and Nitiesh Kumar, Diggaj explains “Modi’s campaign was much more glamorous and immense in terms of the kind of reach, popularity etc. We did like 3D, Chai Pe Charcha, Statue of Unity etc. At that time our main focus was to increase popularity and reach of Modiji across India by spreading his messages his ideas his vision through these exclusive campaigns.”

“Bihar is totally a different arena and majority of population living here is rural. So we tried to connect Nitish Kumar to each and every individual via people-centric campaigns like Har Ghar Dastak where Nitish Kumar and party people went door to door, every village to village asking people for support.”

Diggaj Mogra: Revolutionizing Political career by “Electioneering”

“Har Ghar Nitishey Har Maan Nitishey – 6000 cycles travelling within deepest of villages displaying Nitish’s 7 Nischays for development of Bihar and playing ‘Phir se ek baar ho, Bihar me bahar ho’ song via loudspeakers mounted on those cycles and DNA Campaign – Voluntarily DNA collection from more than 50 Lac people donating their hair or nail and signing a letter throughout Bihar for showing that they stand with Nitish Kumar.”

“Other campaigns like running 400 video vans showing development story of Bihar, running a war room in every vidhansabha, outdoor publicity, Media Production, Raising new volunteers etc. Hence, the campaigning is very intense and focused in Bihar and we support the party members in planning and executing almost everything,” he explains.

Introducing this naïve sector Diggaj Mogra and his team are trying to bring professionalism in this new domain of electioneering and were also successful in making the team of people belonging to elite educational institutes like IIT, IIM, Harvard and Leeds.

“We have a team of 250 people from various backgrounds like Engineers, Management Graduates, Lawyers, Analysts, Designers, Writers, Journalists, etc. This kind of work experience where you work continuously sleepless for nights, under huge pressure of impossible targets, dealing with top level politicians/celebrities/vendors/media houses etc. teaches you a lot in just a small span of time.”

Diversity of work which includes exposures in the field of logistics, advertisement, planning, data analyzing, social media management, publicity, on ground experience and liaising gives hands on experiences to team members which helps them to explore their inner capabilities.

Electioneering is certainly going to revolutionize the Indian Political Scenario by pioneering a bridge between youth and Indian politics. Diggaj with his team of hardcore professionals have chosen a tough looking path to prove their tremendous capabilities of reforming both professionalism and politics.

(You can get in-touch with Diggaj Mogra on diggaj.mogra@gmail.com)

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