Dr. Arvinder Singh of Udaipur ranks in Top 100 on Crunchbase @ 1 September 2023

Dr. Arvinder Singh of Udaipur ranks in Top 100 on Crunchbase @ 1 September 2023

Dr Singh is ranked 82, while Leonardo Di Caprio is ranked 85 on Crunchbase under the People section
Crunchbase Ranking of Dr Arvinder Singh Udaipur Arth Group

Crunchbase Ranking measures the prominence of a person, using algorithms that measure online activity and presence.

Dr Arvinder Singh, CEO and MD of the Udaipur based Arth Group has been ranked  82 globally in the list of online influential people. Sam Altman of the OpenAI tops the list while Hollywood celebrity Leonardo DiCaprio is ranked 85th in the Person section. Elon Musk is ranked 18 while Mark Zuckerberg  ranks 96.

Crunchbase helps its users (over 8 million) discover innovative companies and connect with the people behind them. The Crunchbase rank, on the other hand is a dynamic ranking of all entities - people, companies, investors, etc in the Crunchbase dataset.  It measures the prominence of the entity, in this case a person. These rankings are highly dynamic and tend to rise and fall in succession over time, depending on launches, online presence in news, leadership information, etc. These parameters affect Crunchbase rankings.

Those ranked alongside Dr Arvinder Singh (#82) include Mustafa Suleyman (#83), Matt Robinson (#84) and Leonaro DiCaprio (#85). The other persons of Indian origins who feature in the  Top 100 on Crunchbase on 1 September include Naval Ravikant, Balaji Srinivasan, Dhruvil Sanghvi, Sandeep Nailwal, Sunil Tulsiani, Ranjit Bahia, Vijay Pravin Mahajan, Vidit Aatrey, Govind Ramchandran, Ramakant Sharma, Shantanu Deshpande, Sushil Sharma, Ashneer Grover, Arjun Sethi, Shriharsha Majeti, Aman Gupta, Raj Choowdhary, Abraham Shafi and Vineet Gupta. Of the persons of Indian origin in the Top 100 on 1 September on Crunchbase, 10 Indians including Dr Arvinder Singh operate their businesses from India of which Sushil Sharma and Dr Arvinder Singh run their show from Rajasthan.

Dr. Arvinder Singh hold a double world record to his name and various accolades and recognitions from private entities as well as heads of state in India. He will be receving his next accolade at the UK Parliament this month. With 24 years of rich experience, Dr. Singh has the unique ability to blend medical expertise with business acumen impeccably. The  invitation from the House of Commons is a global acknowledgment of his matchless achievements in both the medical and business sectors.

He has been showered with numerous national and state awards for business excellence, including titles and recognitions like Business Leader and Young Entrepreneur. He's even ranked among the top 10 entrepreneurs for innovative business from famous Outlook.

Dr. Singh is multitalented person. A postgraduate medical doctor by training, he has also earned the distinction of being an MBA Gold Medallist from none other than the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Not just that, he's Oxford-certified, making him the first and only doctor to hold such a unique combination of credentials. His achievements are not limited here; he's an International Board-Certified Cosmetic Dermatologist, a TEDx Speaker, and holds the enviable title of 'Father of Cosmetic Dermatology.'

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