Gear up for International Education with Seedling Cambridge

Gear up for International Education with Seedling Cambridge

Seedling Modern Public School launches Cambridge International Board


Gear up for International Education with Seedling Cambridge

Inspiration of a multinational but unified global society is now largely fostered by the use of Technology, which leads to modernizing teaching methodologies that facilitate achievement of zeniths in scholarly potential.  In the corporate world, companies are always on the lookout for creative thinkers who have an aptitude for risk taking, versatility and analytical frame of mind.  Hence a well balance thinker and good communicator has a higher potential of survival.  This leads to the need to revisit teaching and learning methodologies.

Seedling Modern Public School, Udaipur, has taken the initiative of providing just this platform – where at one end they continue to excel in the Indian education delivery systems, striving to keep the right balance in student teacher interaction, and now facilitating a global education system, by launching the Cambridge Board curriculum.

Few excerpts from Q&A session with Hardeep Bakshy, Director of Seedling Modern Public School, Udaipur.

What is Cambridge Board?

Cambridge, as we all know, is a UK based University that has a 800 year old history and was ranked the Second Best University in the year 2014-15.  Cambridge’s meticulously developed Cambridge Board program is associated with 10,000 schools spread across 160 countries including about 400 schools in India.  This is an internationally recognized qualification.

What are the different levels of Seedling Cambridge Program?

The program is structured across all age groups as follows:

Cambridge Primary         5-11 years

Cambridge Secondary    11-14 years

Cambridge IGCSE             14-16 years

Cambridge Advanced     16-19 years

What does Cambridge Board at Seedling aim at?

Seedling, through its Cambridge International Board program aims at preparing students for tomorrow’s world as global citizens, who are innovative, reflective, engaged, confident and independent.

How is Cambridge different than any other board?

Major focus under Indian education system is on memory tests.  Under Cambridge, children are prepared to understand the subject, having independent thinking skills, with logical reasoning applied.

Why should a student go in for Cambridge at Seedling?

Seedling, under Cambridge, assures to provide your ward with strong foundation, effortless mobility and increased adaptability to venture into higher education in India and abroad.

Can a student switch over from Cambridge to CBSE or vice versa?

Yes, for sure – students can switch over either ways without any problems.

What benefits will the child get at school/college level in India or abroad at par with CBSE?

At school level, the student will be groomed in such a manner that he/she will be able to stand apart as an individual confidently.  If the student is seeking admission in any college/university abroad, he/she needs to appear and pass either IELTS/TOEFL (depending on the destination country).  However, a Cambridge Board student will be exempt from appearing for IELTS/TOEFL as a pre-requisite in many Universities.  Though, Universities that need a IELTS/TOEFL score independent of the Board, will however demand the score.

What teaching methodology have you adapted at Seedling for Cambridge?

In broader perspective, focus of teaching at Seedling will be on practical approach for learning and imparting conceptual knowledge rather than rote learning without conceptual understanding.   Development of strategic thinking and solving problems and stress on learning by doing will be our focus.  Class room teaching will revolve around a series of individual and group activities that would help impart application based knowledge.

The methodology with which a child is taught is different in CBSE. Will the child be able to cope up in higher classes?

 A child is more open-minded to learning new things and new methodologies.  At Seedling he will be taught analytical approach to understand any subject.  Reasoning and logical approach to solve any problem or comprehend anything will be there with all this.   I am sure that the child will not face any problem in higher classes.

Will the student undertaking Cambridge curriculum be adaptive to competitive examinations after 12th?

Definitely.  With Seedling learning methodology, the student will be able to work on tackling any competitive examination – national or international.

Why has Seedling though of adopting Cambridge curriculum?

Seedling has always believed in setting milestones in the field of education and work towards a noble cause.  With Udaipur being declared Smart City, Seedling is all geared up to prepare smarter students who have an exposure to international systems of education.

What role will the school play in training the teachers teaching the Cambridge curriculum?

Seedling believes in delivering the best to its students.  Special workshops and training sessions will be organized for teachers from time to time.

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