Gymnastics in 9 yards-Sounds unbelievable but true

Gymnastics in 9 yards-Sounds unbelievable but true 

A woman performing gymnastics in 9 yards of saree leaves netizens enthralled.
Gymnastics in 9 yards-Sounds unbelievable but true

-Parul Arora is known for her gymnastics in a saree.

-She effortlessly perfoms a flip in her 9 yards.

In our effort to take you away from covid, crime, bird flu and all the depressing news, here is a whiff of fresh air. Take a deep breath and relax, feel energised as you go through this piece of enthralling news.

Gymnastics is quite a wonderful event to watch. The way the gymnasts perform various flips and balance themselves on the beam is a sight that we have all loved especially during Olympic events. To a child, performing the art of a gymnast is most yearned for.

What we have watched is that gymnasts wear specific types of clothes that make it comfortable for them to perform the stunning moves. We can never ever imagine a gymnast wearing robes or salwar kameez or shirts and jeans. But what we have here is a gymnast wearing a saree and performing those amazing stunts. Netizens are enthralled with the moves after seeing how this gymnast performs wearing a saree, a 9 yard saree.

This amazing lady is Parul Arora and her stunts are doing rounds on the net. Beyond belief, she performs with complete ease and comfort in her 9 yard saree. The oozing confidence she possesses is remarkable. Watch her video here:

Taking the internet by storm, Parul is truly unmatchable with her gymnastic prowess. She makes the viewers miss their heartbeat and once she is done with the flip, she smiles that makes her look more powerful as it comes from her unbeatable confidence.

(media reports)

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