How to crack IIT JEE?: Interview with IITian Gazanfer Ali

How to crack IIT JEE?: Interview with IITian Gazanfer Ali

Gazanfer Ali an IIT Bombay Graduate and founder of Iqraa Institute in Udaipur is coaching students for IIT-JEE since 2010 soon after he quit his job at Sterling Commerce a subsidiary of AT&T fortune No 1 company of USA. Mr. Ali has descriptively answered questions revolving around “How to get succeed in IIT JEE” and here are the excerpt.


How to crack IIT JEE?: Interview with IITian Gazanfer Ali

To most of the literate families in India, obtaining higher academic qualification for their children is biggest mission of life. Engineering and Business Studies is the two main or say most commonly desired subjects for students and if we talk about engineering then getting into Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is a dream, although for many, cracking IIT is not less than a nightmare.

Gazanfer Ali an IIT Bombay Graduate and founder of Iqraa Institute in Udaipur is coaching students for IIT-JEE since 2010 soon after he quit his job at Sterling Commerce a subsidiary of AT&T fortune No 1 company of USA.

B.Tech and M.Tech, Gazanfer Ali did his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Computer Integrated Manufacturing, specialized in Supply Chain Management. He worked in handful of globally recognized companies and also for many topnotch projects including a project for Government of Canada and also as a consultant for United Nations Project.

Today Iqraa is the best result giving Institute in Udaipur in terms of percentage selection, says Gazanfer. “We are giving highest percentage selection in JEE IIT exam for consistently last 4 years” he claimed.

Getting exposed to the highest level of professional and corporate world, Ali has gained invaluable experience which is now adding value to his own students.

Gazanfer Ali has descriptively answered questions revolving around “How to get succeed in IIT JEE” and here are the excerpts.

Q.How to get successful in IIT-JEE? Is it all being an academic genius or there are other aspects too which add significant value?

Academic genius is one aspect. We call these students as God gifted who really make to top 100– rank. An average student can also make to IIT.

To prepare for IIT-JEE exam is like a marathon race which requires strong determination, patience, commitment, hard work, time management and above all the right guide.

Identifying the right coaching institute is the first step to success. In today’s competitive world with increased awareness starting as early as 9th class is an added advantage.

Staying motivated for the full duration of preparation because students start with a lot of enthusiasm but give up in the middle of preparation. The motivation to start preparing for IIT comes from outside when one sees their seniors going to IIT, getting into best jobs and lot of name and fame in society. But after that it has to be self motivation which will take one to IIT.

Each subject must be given proper time daily. Math, physics and chemistry in the given order must be given priority while preparing. When preparing for exam, follow the following steps

  • Understanding the concept
  • Memorizing the unavoidable formulae that are roots of the subject topic
  • Develop the ability to identify the underlying concepts in the problem being attempted
  • Develop the skill to quickly correlate the concept to the memorizes/ practised/ apprehended solutions/ tips, tricks and formulae.

When preparing for exam after finishing the syllabus start solving previous year’s papers. With the clear concepts practise a lot of problems. With the objective type of question paper pattern speed matters a lot. Develop speed by giving few mock tests. Because the question paper also has negative marking, the student must also focus on accuracy along with speed.

On the day of exam take a normal regular sleep of 6 hours. Better reach the exam centre before half an hour.

For the day of exam following qualities must be developed which are required while writing the exam

  • Confidence that the questions asked are solvable and I can do it
  • Ability to choose appropriate questions to attempt initially to gain score and time
  • Smart enough to utilize appropriate amount of time for each attempted questions

Q.You are coaching students every year for IIT-JEE, what is the biggest challenge you as a teacher face from your students?

As a teacher and mentor the biggest challenge we face from the students is to make the students realize the value of time and the inherent potential they posses.

After clearing 10th board exam the students are under the impression that studies are very easy and they can clear any exam by one night study. Once they realize that IIT preparation is not one night study, they start losing confidence. Now to motivate the student that they are capable of doing it but they need to do disciplined study without the help of the parents becomes difficult.

Q.And what are challenges apart from studies which the students face and are unable to tackle it?

Three big challenges students face and because of immaturity and improper guidance are unable to solve it are

  • Students don’t remain motivated for the entire duration of preparation. Many students get frustrated or depressed because of peer and social pressure. The reason is that most of the students are motivated by the external factors and the motivation does not comes from within
  • The continuous revision strategy. It is must that the students don’t stop to touch (revise) the concepts they have understoode. their gained knowledge is not lost in the least bit while they continuously move ahead. Alas! The students don’t understand this point and does not have a good revision strategy.
  • With the increase interference of technology in our daily life is hazardous. The facebook and whatsapp the two social media are the big distraction for the students. Though it can be harnessed for the betterment but in most of the cases it turns out to be an evil for the students. Most of the students got addicted to these social networks and waste lot of time. We have utilized whatsapp in the constructive way by creating an education group – Students can any time post doubts on it and our faculty members will provide solution to the students as soon as possible.

Q.You yourself is an IIT graduate, now you are teaching IIT aspirants, please tell us how to choose best and suitable IIT coaching institutes?

The toppers going into a coaching institute and getting selected does not make the coaching institute best. If a person has to learn swimming he has to enter into the pool. Similarly the best teacher who can guide a student to IIT is the one who has cleared that exam. The coaching institute which is being managed and runned by IITians and the faculty who are in constant touch with the IITians will be the best institute in terms of resources. In terms of execution the best is the one which satisfies the above criterion and attempts it best to make sure that the least deserving aspirants does not fail in JEE.

The institute must have a proper mentoring system where all the students get attention they deserve and even if the student does not qualify for JEE exam, he/she must have learnt the basics thoroughly and ready to take any other exam and challenge.

Q.Managing school studies and then coaching. Students are in constant pressure from teachers, tutors and parents. How do you take this situation and what do you suggest students?

The situation has not changed as it was in the past. It is basically about time management. The key to success is how the students distribute their time effectively. Now with the increased pressure of studies the best can be done is synchronizing all the three tutor, teacher and parent.

If the syllabus taught in the school by teachers and tutors can be synchronized it bring the optimum output. It’s like having the same socket where anyone can plug in and run any device.

Q. Over the years IIT JEE has evolved considerably similar to the school education system and even the social system. What will be the future? any assumption?

The pattern no doubt has changed but it has not evolved considerably similar to school education system. India is a country with a large population base. This makes the competition for IIT exams very tough. With the increasing number of aspirants appearing for IIT the IIT’s are under constant pressure to increase the number of seats.

To increase the number of intake it becomes difficult to set a paper which is difficult enough to select the cream as well as moderate enough to select more number of students and still able to filter the cream from the mediocre. It is converging towards unbiased, critical and efficient evaluation system to select the aspirants who deserve to be genius engineers.

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