Kaju Bhai: Messiah for Kidney Patients

Kaju Bhai: Messiah for Kidney Patients

Mr Jitendar Singh Rathore popularly known as Kaju Bhai is the owner of a small thadi (tea stall) at Samor bagh gate near Gulaab Bagh. Born and brought up in Udaipur he lived a poor but contented life. But one moment entirely changed his life.

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“Badaloo hi badaloo me kuch aisi sajish huii

Mera ghar mitti ka tha mere hi ghar barish huii”

–The above quote means (clouds made a conspiracy amongst them and decided to rain over my house as it was made of mud).

Kaju Bhai: Messiah for Kidney PatientsMr Jitendar Singh Rathore popularly known as Kaju Bhai is the owner of a small thadi (tea stall) at Samor bagh gate near Gulaab Bagh.  Born and brought up in Udaipur he lived a poor but contented life. But one moment entirely changed his life.

The news that his son needed a kidney transplant moved him. He was unable to collect enough money for that. And eventually his son died due to kidney failure. After which he took an oath to do his best for all kidney patients he will come across. To achieve this he founded Lakecity Kidney Care and Relief Foundation. This organization works for the financial, health care and other benefits of kidney patients coming to Udaipur. Lets hear the complete story from him:

What is the aim of your organization, Lake City Kidney Care and Relief Foundation?

Our organization aims at establishing a kidney transplant unit in Maharana Bhupal (MB) Hospital Udaipur and to serve every kidney patients coming to Udaipur.

Would you like to share key efforts done by your organization?

  • In order to get a transplant unit we have written 9000(still increasing count) postcards to MP’s, MLA’s, and health minister of Rajasthan.
  • Every year 2 blood donation camps are organized on the birth and death anniversary of my son. Through which more than 300 units of blood is collected so far. This blood is used for the dialysis of kidney patients as well as for other patients requiring blood.
  • About Rs 700k are donated through our organization in order to save kidney patients.
  • 45 kidney donors of Udaipur have been honored on World Kidney Day (second Thursday of March).
  • 6 people donated their kidney when motivated by our society.
Kaju Bhai: Messiah for Kidney Patients

What is your full time profession?

The only source of my income is my tea stall. My two sons also earn but they do not have any permanent job. I was unable to provide them with proper education due to lack of money.

What encouraged you to establish this organization?

Just before my son died I wrote a letter to a daily newspaper reporting my problem. They considered my application and published it and also forwarded it to the MLA for helping me out. But in the mean time my son died. The thought that if I would have tried for it earlier I could have saved my son, was killing me.

I wanted people to be aware of the help our government can provide us. With this in mind I started this movement.

Kaju Bhai: Messiah for Kidney Patients

Almost every one of us faces problems in life; we all have our own way of tackling it. What is your way of facing problem and solving it?

Life has shown me all of its faces. Poverty and death of my son are amongst them. But now I take problems as challenges. And I believe that the more you want to control your life the more trouble you face.

Living contended and happy by helping others is the way I love to live.

What is your say over corruption in medical field?

Corruption has reached to the roots of every department of the country medical being one of them. Doctors in the country are considered equivalent to God. But these days they seemed to be habitual of watching deaths. Be it medicine, medical instruments, or operations things are overpriced. Patients are looted for their sufferings.

Many cases of selling and buying kidneys comes forward, how do you feel about such bad market?

A broad smile. Many people when come to know that I run an organization which work for kidney patients approach me. They ask me if I can arrange a kidney for them and they are ready to pay any amount for that. The only question I have for such people is as “will you sell me your kidney for any amount you want”. Donations weather be it blood, eye, or kidney works well only when made selflessly.

How important it is to have a kidney transplant unit in Udaipur?

  • Presently we are having 1750 kidney patients in MB hospital Udaipur. And as we observe 12-13% kidney donations take place in India on an average. This would take the toll of kidney transplant to at least 200 in our city.
  • People not only from Udaipur but also from nearby towns like Chittorghar, Banswara, Pali, Sirohi and also from states like Madhya Pradesh come to Udaipur for their treatment.
  • The only kidney transplant unit in Rajasthan is at Jaipur and due to which we find a long queue over there. Eventually people move to other states. As a result, government officers, retired personnel, and BPL (below poverty line) people are not able to avail the benefits which they get in their state. To BPL persons only 40% rebate is given in other states, which is 100% in Rajasthan.

What are your future plans after the transplant unit is established:

The organization looks forward to give its services to the kidney patients of Udaipur by serving free food and medicines to the kidney patients also we have a plan to establish a fitness center for kidney donors as well as kidney acceptors.

Anybody who is in need of blood for dialysis or for any other cause can contact Kaju bhai. People suffering from kidney problems and need financial or health related help of any kind can also contact him. He might be helpful in all regards. Also if you think he is doing a great job and would like to appreciate him contact him at: +91-9785000211.

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