Nakul Sahdev: Doing is important than talking about Doing it

Nakul Sahdev: Doing is important than talking about Doing it

22 year old Nakul Sahdev started his formal training in acting and film making right after he finished schooling from St. Paul’s Udaipur. Mumbai was calling this chocolate faced acting passionate who is now debuting in yet to release Bollywood flick “Money Devo Bhava”


Nakul Sahdev: Doing is important than talking about Doing it22 year old Nakul Sahdev started his formal training in acting and film making right after he finished schooling from St. Paul’s Udaipur.

Mumbai was calling this chocolate faced acting passionate who is now debuting in yet to release Bollywood flick “Money Devo Bhava”

It would be incorrect to say, acting is in his genes. Nakul’s father is a successful businessman and mother is serving in the Indian Navy. Unlike his parent’s profession, Nakul Sahdev has an exceptional obsession for acting since his childhood.

“My passions are always acting in films and bring unimaginable characters to life. Even if act for 15 to 30 minutes for myself that makes my day” says Nakul who is also an avid reader and diehard fan of Paulo Coelho and Arthur Miller’s books.

Worked with notable personalities of Indian film industry including Naseeruddin Shah and several others being his mentor like Subhash Ghai, Ratna Pathak, Benjamin Gelani, Zamil Khan and Arvind Pandey, this Udaipuri boy has tons of exposure of Bollywood at a very young age.

While busy in shooting for Money Devo Bhava, Nakul has given his exclusive interview to us through email.

Here are the excerpts:

How has your journey been into the film industry so far; hailing from a small city like Udaipur to making your Bollywood debut this year?

It is definitely on the right path. I started my career working in Farhan Akhtar’s production house Excel Entertainment under the casting department.

Then, I played the role of Kabir, the main antagonist in the first and second season of the television series Ishaan. The show was produced by Red Chillies and was aired on the Disney Channel and it turned out to be a great experience for me as I learned so much about how professionally the work is done for the show.

After that, I worked for the casting department again but this time for Dharma Production.

Finally, I have moved onto the films. So far, I have three movies under my belt. These include ‘Money Devo Bhav’, an untitled movie directed by Nagesh Kukunoor and another movie which is also in the process.

I also had a Print Ad shoot for the clothing retail chain Shopper Stop.

Nakul Sahdev: Doing is important than talking about Doing it

Tell us something about your debut film ‘Money Devo Bhav’ and your role in it?

The movie is directed by Mr. Anand Shivkumaran and is produced by Atul Production. The film is all about how the younger generation these days is following the system of flashing top brands and maintaining a high status to impress friends. And if one is not as rich, then they follow the wrong habits in order to fund a higher lifestyle. Basically, the movie looks at how materialism has gotten to our heads and we, the younger generation, are ready to take dangerous “shortcuts” to get what we want and in the process, and how that leads to grave mistakes. The movie also looks at repentance and accepting one’s mistake and learning from it for the future.

In the movie, I play a rich but a good hearted guy named Harry. He knows his assets quite well, which happen to be good looks and money. But he also knows the value of true friends and doesn’t feel small in appreciating other’s qualities and he does not have any jealousy toward his friends who may be more talented than him. In fact, he doesn’t have second thoughts on promoting his friends in college events that show off his talents.

How was your experience in Whistlingwoods Acting School?

Well, within a few weeks of joining the institute, I realized that this is my temple and acting is my religion and I was here to learn everything because I started from zero which means living out all the perception of acting. Perceiving everything the teachers are ready to give and all the faculty members are ready to put in that it looks like acting and film making is such a vast ocean that there is no end to my learning.

Normally people see the film industry as very flashy and glamorous; it’s a dream for everyone to get into the industry. Tell us how tough or easy it is to get a break for any newcomer or struggling artist there.

Tell me any fields out there where it is easy to make a good name? To be very frank, one should never go with what people say. You should do whatever you want to do with your heart and soul. If you are convinced that you are made to do this, you want to do this and you will do this, then you should definitely pursue that field. You should never take anything without answering these questions to yourself.

Also, don’t judge your talent and conviction from the people’s perception because what is important is doing it rather than talking about doing it.

How would you describe the kind of experience that you have gained through all these years working in the film industry?

Well, the whole process of being in films and acting is not the kind of work where you go and work on a daily basis. Sometimes, you also go through certain phases when you are not working for up to 20 to 30 days. This becomes a time when you need to be mentally strong and emotionally composed because as a human being, you tend to go through these rough and emotional patches.

There are times when you are broken but even during these times, it is important to stand up on your own feet. Also, the whole system of having a godfather is senseless. In the end, it is your determination and dedication that get people to work with you.

This has been my experience for the past one and a half years of working in this industry. I don’t know if it is good or bad, but all I know is that I lived each and every bit of it and I thank God for it all.

How did you feel when you were facing the camera for the first time?

It was a feeling of excitement mixed with the feeling of the unknown. When you know realize that you were here to do this and it is finally happening, but you don’t know what is next. But you are always excited to know the unknown.

Any acting tips you want to share with our readers?

After finishing my acting course, once Subash Ghai sir told me that “now whatever you have learnt in these two years you have to unlearn it”. And I was taken by surprise, that what does he actually mean by that? Then when I started working, I met him again and that time he made me understand that “when you learn something you have to let go of it because you are a vessel and if you are filled with something then how will you learn new thing in life.”

Are there any specific people that have helped and/or inspired you during your time in the industry or otherwise?

I was lucky to have the support of some great people during my journey. During my time with Ishaan, there was so much support from Samar Khan sir and Bhavana ma’am who are a part of the Red Chillies team. They were always there to boost me up whenever I was feeling low. Anant sir, the director of our show is a gem of a person to work with.

I would also contribute my success to my family. I am very close to my parents and my nana-nani and I believe that my success is their success too. My girlfriend is another person to whom I owe my success. She is the one who has always believes in me and she has always been there for me be it something small, big, important, unimportant or anything. She has been there for me for everything.

Nakul Sahdev: Doing is important than talking about Doing it

Who is your favorite actor and actresses?

The actor and actress who I admire and whose works I appreciate the most from Hollywood are Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.

What do you love most about Udaipur?

In Udaipur, I love the home cooked meals, rainy seasons, winters, small distances for commuting and most importantly, the people who have such warm hearts. I think that Rajasthani people just tend to have a big heart.

What do you dislike most about Udaipur and why?

I dislike the fact that there are limitations for people to pursue something that they are ready to do but they lack the proper knowledge or a place where they can learn. I mean there should be some sort of channelization with which people can gain more exposure.

What are your interests or hobbies other than acting?

Reading books of Paulo Coelho and Arthur miller, I find my soul in my books. Reading them help me understand life better.

Music is my sources of adrenal rush. When my iPod is on, it seems like the rest of the world is off.

I love going to mountains in the evening, nights and early morning and sit there on the top for hours and hour. I guess that’s the reason I can never get bored of Udaipur. It has beautiful view all around.

A recently discovered another hobby of mine which is playing Spanish guitar.

What would you become if you had not become an actor?

As I said “I know it in my heart, I’m born to do this. I’ll keep on doing it.”

So, acting..films..Acting!

That’s what I live for!

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