Nuh and his Adventurous Ark - 15 year old prodigy from Udaipur gets his first book published

Nuh and his Adventurous Ark - 15 year old prodigy from Udaipur gets his first book published

Six friends go camping, find a map to a long lost ancient treasure...two friends from Udaipur write a book about it...

Youngest author from Udaipur Nuh Chakkiwala Adventure Awaits Achievers from Udaipur
Editorial Contribution: Lulua Ahsan

When it comes to exceptionally talented youth, Udaipur leads the list. One such brilliant child is Nuh Chakkiwala, aged 15, the youngest published author from the City of Lakes.

Nuh’s maiden fiction novel, Adventure Awaits, went up on the bookstands of Amazon on 11 June this year. Nuh studies in Class 10 at the Delhi Public School in Udaipur.

Udaipur Times caught up with Nuh and his family with the intention of introducing this young writer, who has an interest in English, World History and Environmental Science, to a myriad of new opportunities.

Adventure Awaits

Nuh’s first novel,  revolves around a group of school friends embarking on a casual trek that unexpectedly translates into a treasure hunt, thus becoming an experience of a lifetime for the teenagers. Nuh says that as he began writing the book, he imagined that the treasure map was a person screaming out loud, “I hold the location of the treasure! An adventure awaits!” The latter part of this purpose filled statement, hence, became the title of the book.

Nuh Chakkiwala Youngest author from udaipur book published Amazon Adventure Awaits

Genesis of Nuh’s Interest in Literature

Nuh was introduced to the world of books at the age of 4. He was provided with new story books and fictional novels almost every month by his parents, who themselves are keen readers. He says his mother used to encourage him to take on story books when he was just beginning to learn to read. He adds that though school work takes up a large part of his day, during the earlier years, he used to devour at least 5 books a month.

His parents, Haseena and Zaki, in conversation with Udaipur Times, said that they identified his interest in language and inclination towards reading and writing when he was very young. Haseena, his mother, says that Nuh had a keen ear for spoken words and in the course of daily conversation, he would even point out minor grammatical mistakes! When given books, they could see him absorbed in them, while others his age were outdoors, busy playing. Though an introvert, Nuh’s composed nature and sophisticated parlance influences and impresses anyone who communicates with him.

“I do not read many non-fiction books. I am mainly interested in fiction and hence my favorite authors in this genre are Enid Blyton, Franklin W. Dixon and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle”, said Nuh.

“I prefer fiction as the creative imagination of an author’s brain is limitless. In this genre, anything is possible. It is not limited to the affairs of the real world,” he adds.

School, Writing and Future

Although Nuh’s work was published this month, it actually took two years of efforts for the novel to move from ‘Amazing’ to Amazon. At the age of 13, when children his age were still directionless, absorbed in their gadgets, Nuh had already begun writing his first novel.

The inspiration of writing this book came from the many trekking and adventure trips that he took with his family as well as through school.

“In the beginning, I was filled with ideas and a lot of enthusiasm and I used to devote three hours every day to writing,” says Nuh, explaining how his writing journey commenced. By the time he reached the 8th chapter of the book, his ideas dried up and his enthusiasm began to ebb. However, adds Nuh, his mother Haseena took upon herself the onus of encouraging him and looking for publishers, which renewed his enthusiasm.

Nuh’s co-author, Raghavendra, a classmate and childhood friend, saw him working on his book during school hours and offered to help him complete his story. He added that with the parallel burden of school work, his friends helped him by brainstorming for ideas while his teachers at DPS checked his manuscript regularly for grammatical or structural errors, spurring his effort.

Raghavendra Saini, has been Nuhs childhood friend. He is the son of Dr. Ramavtar Saini and Dr. Anamika Saini and has been shoulder to shoulder with Nuh for the last 8 years. He was a pillar of support to Nuh and stood by him till the publication of ‘Adventure Awaits’.

Nuh Chakkiwala Youngest author from udaipur book published Amazon Adventure Awaits

Interestingly, all this writing has actually helped Nuh, and not otherwise, as some may think. “Writing skills are helpful in examinations as well because examinations are all about writing answers in an engaging manner,” explains Nuh. He adds that this ability will continue to help him in his future endeavors, a statement that is whole-heartedly supported by his parents.

For the future, Nuh wants to pursue writing as a full-time career, unless destiny has something else in store for this prodigy from Udaipur.

A Word from His Proud Parents

Haseena, a homemaker and businesswoman, is also a member of the Executive Body of the Udaipur Chambers of Commerce. Nuh’s father, Zaki, is also a businessman with an interest in marble and stone.

Udaipur Times interacted with them as it was apparent that they were on cloud nine with their younger son’s first taste of success. Their elder son Nasser, a proven prodigy himself, has received accolades earlier for his paintings, before venturing out to pursue higher education in the United Kingdom.

Explaining the effect of Nuh’s efforts with writing on his schooling, Zaki says that his son’s affection for reading and constant strife to improve his literary skills has influenced his academics in a positive way. He has, many a time, excelled in school as he is able to express himself in a more convincing manner. This also prompted him to be at the forefront when it came to drafting speeches or passages for co-curricular activities at school.

This post on Nuh Chakkiwala cannot end without this important note from Haseena, on guidance and direction for the children of today: “Today’s generation is an enviable lot, full of aptitude and ingenuity. The world, today, with easy access to an ocean of knowledge and information, requires us parents to have belief in our children’s capability and provide them with liberty that adds wings to their creativity. This liberty, though, must be accompanied with parental advice at required intervals lest they stray into the domain of negativity. More than focused guidance, it is the principles of good parenting and imbibing into our children the ideology of being a virtuous person overall, that nurtures them into becoming successful in the long run.”

The team at Udaipur Times wishes a long, fruitful and blessed writing journey for Nuh.

We will be back next week with another intriguing story of achievers from Udaipur.

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