President Kovind in Udaipur??

President Kovind in Udaipur??

Udaipur proudly announces that we have someone who looks almost exactly like President Kovind.

President Kovind in Udaipur??

The headline is surprising enough. People of Udaipur can definitely question if the Honourable President Ramnath Kovind has suddenly made it to Udaipur.

The city is never short of surprises. Udaipur proudly announces that we have someone who looks almost exactly like President Kovind. This gentleman, when moves out in the city, becomes the centre of attraction of all.  Similarity in looks with the President of India, Honourable Ramnath Kovind, Kailash Bihari of Udaipur is drawing extraordinary attention.

Whenever Kailash Bihari leaves for work, people take a second look at him and wonder if they have the President among them. From the moment Ramnath Kovind was nominated for the post of Indian President to the proud moments when he became the President, Lakecity Udaipur’s Kailash Bihari became talk of the town and people started addressing him as Kovind instead of his own name.

Kailash Bihari works as a clerk in a government school for girls in Bhupalpura. He is now gaining more attention due to his resemblance with the President. His colleagues also prefer addressing him as Kovind. Not just colleagues, just everyone who knows Kailash Bihari have now titled him “Kovind”.

The minute since Ramnath Kovind was nominated for President’s post, Kailash Bihari became the talk of the town. His friends and colleagues and relatives started pushing him into making a trip to Delhi. With the oath taking ceremony day getting closer, everyone asked Kailash Bihari as to why he was not in Delhi for the ceremony.

Resemblance to the President brought a change in the lifestyle of Kailash Bihari. He attire is now similar to that of the President. He now wears a suit dress similar to that of President Kovind. He has also started wearing white kurta-pyjama.

Kailash Bihari wishes to meet the President. He has a deep longing that he should get to meet the President at least once. He says it is only a matter of chance that he resembles the country’s President.

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