Shivani and Her 'Samba' Saga

Shivani and Her 'Samba' Saga

Shivani, a 19 year old student from Udaipur is perhaps the only Latin American dance aficionado in city who devoted her last 5 years in learning the centuries old Brazilian dance skills.


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Her gorgeous looks affix an identical bliss to the typical Latin American dance moves. The 1st year student of engineering Shivani Chugh dedicated herself to connoisseur her only passion – Dance.

“I think I am born for dance so obviously it’s a vital part of my life, unlike many people who are attached to their respective passions or hobbies. Dance is something more than just a passion for me”

Shivani and Her 'Samba' SagaShivani, a 19 year old student from Udaipur is perhaps the only Latin American dance aficionado in city who devoted her last 5 years in learning the centuries old Brazilian dance skills. Before that, she kept exploring all basics of Indian dance genres like classical and contemporary, learning from various professionals and gurus while also getting inspired by few of her favorite bollywood dancers.

This dancing diva has been achieving accolades & awards from childhood for her talent, which includes dozens of trophies & certificates. Major ones include 1st prize in solo dance at interschool competition. She is also the winner of solo dance in social night in Udaipur.

Being blindly involved with Latin American moves, she has mastered Ballroom (a type of couple dance) form of dance from Mayura Dance Academy Mumbai. A participant of Barbie doll beauty competition, the girl has all the sparks needed for a career of choreographer.

She began her dancing career in early childhood; it was just a hobby then. But more she discovered the world of whirls & swirls more her connection with dance turned out to be an unbroken relation.

Her sharp moves and faultless line impressed a Mumbai based choreographer who suggested Shivani to take Latin American dance forms as it requires perfect sharp moves which Shivani already has.

“It was the first time when I was introduced to a new world of dance – Latin American; I will call it a biggest twist of my life because now I am completely devoted to Latin American dance genres including cha-cha, samba, rumbo, mambo, bolero, jive etc.”

She got enrolled to “Mayura Dance Institute” in Mumbai and dancing tale of Shivani’s started. However, schools always made her journey bit complex but shivani pledged to never give up. I stayed for 6 years in Mumbai at my aunt’s place, I completed some part of my schooling there and some in Udaipur as my family is based in Udaipur. My only aim was to perfect myself in Latin American Dance.

Here is an excerpt of lengthy discussion on her life and passion for dance.

Why do you love Latin American Dance so much?

It gives me different prospects to dig my own ability and skills. Latin American dance is full of Sharp moves and elegant postures which ultimately lead to a complete self satisfaction for performer and enjoyment for audience.

It is not so popular in a city like Udaipur, what do you think about its future here?

It’s a fact which we cannot ignore; most of the people don’t know what is latin American dance. But good thing is that every Indian loves to dance, dance is well blended with Indian society.

When we talk about Latin American dance in India, a general conception of Salsa flashes in mind, which is not fact. Though Salsa is part of Latin American dance forms, but there are many more techniques which we overlook like Paso Doble (Imported from Spain & Based on bull fight to some extent), Belly, Salsa (Contemporary, Cubic, Volts, Samba, Miami etc), Jive which includes some Cha-Cha-Cha steps.

Shivani and Her 'Samba' Saga

What qualities a Latin American dancer needs to have?

The first and foremost skills needed is perfect moves, one should be aware of one’s body mechanics. This rule of sharp moves applies to all Latin American dancers. The second thing which is needed for the dance forms like Belly dance is good waist movements. The understanding of beats & music can’t be left out when it comes to any types of dance. One should know when to pick the beat and give moves in definite timeline.

Which is your favorite Latin American dance genre?

Samba is my favorite because of its technicalities and my personal ability which equals the composition. As I said earlier that belly requires good waist movements and Samba is somewhere interconnected with belly.

Who is your favorite Latin American Dancer?

Michael Perry, he is a legend for me and hundreds of others who learned from Perry Sir.

Who is your favorite bollywood dancer?

Madhuri Dixit.

What other dance forms you love?

I love Sufi Dance as it is an elegant dance form & it includes best bib & tucker which has to be carried well along the dance. It’s a beautiful dance and moreover a beautiful costume. But to be true, I find it toughest for myself.

What are you doing these days?

Dancing as usual, yes little but of studying too. I forgot to mention that I also started teaching Latin American Dance in Udaipur.

How is the response till now?

Hmm…not bad as Udaipurites are now getting out & out progressive. So I pinned my faith on Udaipur that people will come to hone their dance skills by picking very unique Latin American dance forms. These days when dance is no more the medium of entertainment, people are taking it as serious profession; I see a horizon of Latin American dance in Udaipur.

Shivani can be reach on chughshivanichugh AT or call her on 9602226330

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