Training the Corona Warriors | Shaheen of Udaipur delivers instructions under WHO guidelines

Training the Corona Warriors | Shaheen of Udaipur delivers instructions under WHO guidelines

Shaheen, a WHO certified Trainer, has trained nearly 1500 people in their fight against Coronavirus
Training the Corona Warriors | Shaheen of Udaipur delivers instructions under WHO guidelines
Nursing Supervisor at Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai has been her mentor during her training for Infection Prevention and Control

Shaheen, a nurse stationed at the Infection Prevention and Control Unit at Maharana Bhupal Hospital (MB Hospital) in Udaipur has been providing training to all health workers and police personnel self protection in their battle against Coronavirus.

Trained under the WHO guidelines of 2020, Shaheen conducts 4 to 5 sessions in a day, where she trains doctors, nurses, ward boys and cleaners at the hospital on what precautions to take while servicing their daily duties.  These precautions and procedures are essential in the fight against Coronavirus, as they help in preventing self infection as well as transmission of infection from one host to another.

Doctors and nurses are trained by Shaheen, on how to wear the PPE kit, how to take samples, how to offer medications, how to move around in the premises; ward boys are trained on cleaning procedures and pre and post cleaning care, etc.  Laundry workers, mortuary workers and compunders are trained as per the WHO guidelines.

Shaheen's training sessions are not limited to health care workers only.  She also trains policement and officials of the administration who are on sensitive duty during these times. She is being ably assisted by Umesh Choubisa who is alongside her in all the training proggrams.

Who is Shaheen

After completing her training at JNM Hospital, Shaheen attended a national level course on infection prevention.  Shaheen has worked under Dr Trehan in Saudi Arabia and New Delhi. Her mentor on the infection prevention and control procedures and training is the nursing supervisor at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. Shaheen is the first nnurse rom Rajasthan who has obtained expertise in the field of Infection Prevention and Control.

Shaheen said that Dr Lakhan Poswal, Principal of RNT Medical College, identified her from a list of nurses, to provide this training to the doctors and other health workers.  Dr Lakhan Poswal considered her training knowledge  and expertise and the aspect of seniority was inconspicuous while selecting her for the role.

"I am happy and satisfied on being selected to assist the health care and other workers in their fight against Coronavirus. These are testing times for everyone and I am happy to be of service. If the guidelines by WHO are followed properly and in spirit, then it is easy to prevent the spread of infection. I am also willing to provide such training to others are well." says Shaheen.

In order to be available around the clock in offering her services and conducting multiple sessions not only for health workers, but also for other corona warriors, Shaheen has shifted her children at her mothers house in Sarada.

While we salute the Corona Warrioirs, there are a many hidden faces like Shaheen who are an important back bone to the system.

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