Inspirational business startup: Udaipur's Digvijay Singh is earning crores with his chocolate business

Inspirational business startup: Udaipur's Digvijay Singh is earning crores with his chocolate business

Digvijay Singh of Udaipur took Covid as an opportunity to create something big 

Digvijay singh

Digvijay now offers employment opportunities to many people 

Digvijay Singh, 18 years lives close to Udaipur's Bhuwana Bypass accomplished something outstanding. He founded a business in 2020 when he was in Class X, which is now giving a dozen people the opportunity to find work. 

Digvijay's story of success

During the corona time, Digvijay made the decision to start something new. During the initial period of the COVID lockdown, he founded a business to produce his own chocolate. Digvijay established his own confectionery company, SARAAM (

For his business, Digvijay makes three different kinds of chocolate which also contain milk, white, and dark chocolate. All three of these candies also come in variations with flavours like orange, cardamom, saffron, almond, and hazelnuts.

Digvijay claimed that he always had the desire to try something different. He demonstrated how to make chocolate on YouTube during the Corona era, when all schools were shut down.

Digvijay started business by investing Rs. 20,000 on his basement

He also began looking into ways to improve chocolate. He then invested Rs. 20,000 rupees in the basement of his home to begin the process of making chocolate. He collaborated on this with three other individuals, one of whom is a woman.

Those who were initially instructed on how to create chocolate by tanning. He first made about 10 kg of chocolates. As the Covid era came to an end, he began growing his company. As the demand for chocolate increased, he began to increase his output. 

After three years of arduous work, Saraam now earns a decent profitand offers more than a dozen people both direct and indirect employment. 

Numerous five-star hotels, entertainment venues, and business establishments in the city receive chocolates from Saraam. Soon, 32 shops in more than 20 airports across the country will also sell his chocolates. 

In the previous two years, Saraam made and sold 2 tonnes of chocolate. Beans are purchased straight from the farms in order to increase the quality of the chocolate. A stout of chocolate requires five to six days to make. 

Digvijay Singh is one of the rising talents of India who used Covid as a chance to create something special and constructive. Digvijay achieved this level of achievement because he believed in himself.



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