Udaipur's Radio Doctor Bhupendra Malhara Takes Center Stage on World Radio Day

Udaipur's Radio Doctor Bhupendra Malhara Takes Center Stage on World Radio Day

Bhupendra Malhara is renowned as the radio magician of Udaipur...

Bhupendra Malhara

Today is World Radio Day. Radio, being the most accessible medium globally, remains the preferred choice for many people. Holding a newspaper in one hand and tuning in to the radio while sipping morning tea is a sweet ritual loved by people across all sections. Its melodious music appeals to everyone, highlighting the popularity of radio in the world of communication. 

In Udaipur, one can observe a remarkable passion for radio. Bhupendra Malhara, renowned as the radio magician in Udaipur's Ashok Nagar area, is a captivating figure due to his unwavering dedication to radio. With a collection exceeding 200 radios of various types, Bhupendra Malhara has dedicated over 25 years to preserving and promoting the utility of radio. In this era of technological advancement, his distinctive endeavor aims to maintain the essence of radio and its significance amidst modern innovations. He firmly believes that music serves as a therapy, offering relief from stress and fostering health and happiness in individuals.

Their experience with radios is truly inspiring to observe. Their expertise and technical skills are evident in their knowledge of all the devices used in radio systems. Even today, radios from renowned companies like Philips, Murphy, and Falna are included in their collection. When people encounter issues with their radios, they seek assistance from them. By repairing and restarting malfunctioning radios, they restore the joy of entertainment. This is why Bhupendra Malhara is also referred to as the "radio doctor."

Bhupendra Malhara states that the smallest radio in his collection measures 3 inches by 2 inches. Meanwhile, the largest radio stands at 4 feet tall, 4 feet long, and 1.5 feet wide. According to Malhara, most radios in his collection are equipped with vacuum tubes that require heating up to operate. Due to the closure of many radio stations, newer radios are integrating FM systems. Bhoopendra's entire family shares a passion for radios, and they are all members of the Licensed Radio Listener Association. 

Malhara noted that the first World Radio Day was celebrated globally on February 13, 2012, to underscore the significant role of radio in education, freedom of expression, and public discourse. This initiative was spearheaded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Since then, February 13 has been commemorated as the anniversary of United Nations Radio, which was established on this day in 1946.

Radio reaches 95% of the world's population, serving as the most accessible means of communication, reaching remote communities and small groups at a low cost. It can be heard anywhere globally. Individuals who are unable to read or write can access all information by tuning in to the radio. In emergency situations, radio acts as a vital communication tool, alerting people to be vigilant and cautious. Moreover, radio plays a crucial role during rescue operations in natural disasters. UNESCO initiated World Radio Day to underscore the importance of radio, with celebrations beginning at the global level. Previously, obtaining a license was necessary to broadcast radio.

Through his association with this influential medium, Bhupendra Malhara is honored and plays a significant role in safeguarding the radio while raising awareness about its utility and importance across generations.

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