Breaking Records - Cyclists of Udaipur clock 200 km and 300 km in one day

Breaking Records - Cyclists of Udaipur clock 200 km and 300 km in one day

The record cycling feat was performed on 30 June 2023 at Fatehsagar and Rani Road, Udaipur
Cyclists of Udaipur Breaking Record 300 km in one day at Fatehsagar Udaipur Nitesh Tak Jayant Nanavati Niharika Mali Prakash Mali

It was the last day of the Taavdo 2023 challenge; Jayant Nanavati and Nitesh Tak, members of the Udaipur Cycling club and ardent cyclists, were falling 287 km short of their target of 3000km. This was when they decided to challenge their limits and became the first pair of cyclists to complete more than 300km cycling each in one day at Fatehsagar.

The Taavdo 2023 challenge was meant for participants to complete 3000km of cycling all through the 30 days of June 2023. The challenge began on 1 June. Averaging 100km per day, the cyclists could complete this challenge. However, Jayant and Nitesh began cycling on 20 June. On 29 June, after riding a minimum 100km per  day, they were 287 km short of 3000 on 29 June.

They  began their self imposed challenge of completing this 287 km shortfall in one day. With this intent, the duo began their pedaling at 4am on 30 June and pushed their stamina till 9pm. They pedaled for more than 300km each and completed their alloted 3000km. Jayant and Nitesh became the first pair of cyclists from Udaipur to complete a distance of 300+ km in one day, while only circling around the Fatehsagar lake.

Father - Daughter duo

In another such instance, the father  - daughter of Prakash and Niharika Mali, completed 200+ km cycling on 30 June to make up their 3,000km run in 30 days. Niharika, who is 13 years old, became the first girl from Udaipur to complete this daunting task of 200+ km in one day.

Nitesh is businessman in Udaipur, while Jayant works in the Accounts department at Wonder Cement, Udaipur.

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