Unbeatable:I am a Middle Class Indian Woman

Unbeatable:I am a Middle Class Indian Woman

She is beset with power, patience and care. From a new born till she turns old; she plays several key roles laden with responsibilities and sacrifices. She is an Indian woman of this century and every other century in the past and also which are coming in future. A mother, sister, wife and daughter are the sacred relations attached with a woman.


She is beset with Power, Patience and Care. From a new born till she turns old; she plays several key roles laden with responsibilities and sacrifices.

She is a Woman of this century and every other century in the past and also which are coming in future. A mother, sister, wife and daughter are the sacred relations attached with a woman.

Today on International Women’s Day, I am not bringing any richest or most successful woman leader, model or actress but introducing you a common Indian Women of India who is categorized under the middle-classed-Indian-women tag.

A middle class woman of India is not less than a valiant warrior who fights with circumstances, she dedicates her life to her family and children, meanwhile she also stand high in every commercial sector be it government, health, fashion or education.

Following are the stories of 6 middle class women from Udaipur who hail from different professional, social and religious backgrounds but their common goal is to fight with every odds they face and sacrifice with their needs to keep their family and society contented.

Daksha Chouhan: Station House Officer (SHO) at Women Police Station, Chitrakut nagar Unbeatable:I am a Middle Class Indian Woman

Daksha Chouhan carries an alluring individuality and sincerity towards both her profession and family. Daksha is serving Rajasthan Police since 6 years; her position has grave responsibilities of conducting serious cases and heinous crimes against women or by women.

Mother of a 4 year old, her husband is working in private sector.

“Working for long hours on field and taking care of family is not an easy task but I have to do it, everybody does it, that’s the part of life.” She said

“Being a police officer I have seen many cases related to women, from a 14 year old teenager to a 40 year old lady who thinks that they did everything in life but always remain unsatisfied. We have accepted the western culture but could not apply fully due to our inflexible  society.”

Basically from Jodhpur’s typical marwari family, Daksha says about her job that “I always wanted to be a working woman, it’s not the question of my passion, I think and try to do everything with precision. I love to be what I am today, I am lucky to have a helping husband and pleasant colleagues.”


Rossamma Mathews IInd in-charge Nurse at Emergency Department M.B Hospital Unbeatable:I am a Middle Class Indian Woman

Rossamma is taking care of sick and needy patients from last 23 years, perhaps her hands are sanctified for people who are ill and elegance on her face keeps them smiling. Mother of two teenage daughters, this 47 year old lady has seen world with a very close eyes.

From the time when she used to keep her first child in care of servant as she has to go for work till the present scenario where she sees her daughters grown up. Rossama’s husband works in a hotel, she says that “it is just because of the support my husband gave me throughout the years, today we have a happy life.”

“At work, we have challenges every day, our duty hours are long and sometimes extended if there is no reliever, emergency situation could strike any time. In these entire situations the biggest test is to keep our team in high spirits. We all have families depending on us, we have problems too. The best we could do is stand together and fight together….happily”.

“Youngsters today have changed, TV is spoiling them. We were raised up in different but strong cultural influence than what the situation today is”.


Pawan Vdhani is Team Leader of Naari Ekal Shakti Sangathan – Branch of Aastha an NGO Unbeatable:I am a Middle Class Indian Woman

Pawan helps women in dilemma; her life is dedicated in solving the issues of widow, divorced and single women. She fights for their rights and counsel them to resolve their problems.

She had lived far from her family in remote areas; she still travels a lot as her work requires personal approach to those who need her.

Despite of having a master’s degree in psychology, Pawan chose to work with NGO because she loves this job although there are several obstacles she faces everyday at home and work.

She said, “My husband is working in a small shop; I have a 6 year old daughter and my mother is a cancer patient; both of them needs care. I arranged my sister’s wedding last year. I am the prime support of my family. From last 13 years I have handled the riskiest missions of my life where I was threatened for fighting for a rape victim. Still, I will continue my work because that’s what I am born for.”

Today, Pawan handles her organization spread in 30 different districts of Rajasthan.

  Asha Paliwal is a Hair, Make-up and Skin specialist at Prabhat Hair Saloon Unbeatable:I am a Middle Class Indian Woman

One can hardly notice the hiding businesswoman inside the homely looking and camera shy Asha Paliwal.

“I started working in 1992 at my father in law’s saloon Prabhat. My husband was more active into social work. Slowly, my job turned into my biggest obsession and today I feel being a successful woman”.

Asha is M.A. in Physiology, being a mother of a daughter her day starts by doing all pity jobs of home and then rush to the saloon. She trains amateur stylists, handles clients and manages the business.

“I work for 8-9 hours excluding work I do at home. But I am lucky to get support of my husband and in-laws”.

When asked about the present world scenario and place of an Indian woman Asha says, “Even if this world keeps on going higher, a woman should keep herself in a perimeter set by her parents. Career is important but not against our parent’s wish. I started working because I was supported by my husband, otherwise I would have been a happy housewife today.”


Parveen Banu, Men’s Suit Designer and Tailor Unbeatable:I am a Middle Class Indian Woman

Parveen works equally with her husband, her job is typical but due to stretched out experience she has become expert of tailoring men’s suit.

Parveen Banu came with her husband from a village near Kanor in 1991 and started doing small tailoring jobs from home. Due to her husband’s illness she started assisting him and moved from ladies dress to men’s.

From last 26 years I am working 12-13 hours every day, I have two grown up kids.

“I got married at the age of 14; child marriage was one of the customs of our village. I migrated to Udaipur just to avoid similar situation for my daughter. I wanted her to get proper education; today she is pursuing M.A in English Literature. I also left her independent to decide about her own marriage.”

I think we all should change according to time but never cross the social limitation.


Sudha Kapoor – Government Teacher at Dabok Unbeatable:I am a Middle Class Indian Woman

Sudha Kapoor is doing one of the noblest job in the world – Teaching. She struggled all alone in her life after her unsuccessful marriage resulted in divorce. From raising her only daughter to taking care of her home she is still energetic even after being travelled 60kms daily from Udaipur to a school located in a village of sarada from 16 years. She is now transferred to Dabok.

“My job is my need, but I don’t take that just for granted. I do my work and understand my responsibility towards both my professional and individual positions. My daughter is dependent on me and somewhere I am dependent on her too because she is the only reason of my life.

My day starts early in the morning, I live with my father and brother’s family so I have responsibilities for them too, then to work and again at evening to home with my daughter. My daughter is going to college, things have changed,though life was always tough but I am used to it.”

UT salutes all these respected women of India, Happy Women’s Day!

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