Valuable suggestions by Udaipur’s Neha to US President Trump

Valuable suggestions by Udaipur’s Neha to US President Trump

Neha Dalal of Udaipur, whose suggestions were followed by Former US Presi Obama has given some extremely valuable suggestions to President Trump.

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Valuable suggestions by Udaipur’s Neha to US President Trump

Her advice was followed by Former US President Barack Obama. Now it is the turn of President Trump to follow.

Neha Dalal of Udaipur suggested US President Donald Trump to start schooling of 3 year olds similar to Indian pattern. She insisted on 3 year old kids being sent to Kids’ school. America is now working on this suggestion. She also said that all should get equal opportunities for education. Neha, a Research Economist, put forth her views in White House Council of Economic Advisors.

Neha is a resident of Ashok Nagar in Udaipur and has been awarded as one of Top 20 Indian Women in America by India New England News Magazine. She took admission in Harvard University at the age of 16. She has studied Bachelors and Masters in Applied Mathematics and Economics. For the past one year, Neha is working as Research Economist Advisor Youth and Education in White House.

This brilliant young lady has also worked with Former US President Barack Obama. As per Neha’s advice, Obama had implemented College score card under which all data of all colleges of US were made online. Now her team is working to encourage the betterment of education in schools. Her advice of connecting 3 year old children with Kids’ school has been forwarded to US President’s office.

Valuable suggestions by Udaipur’s Neha to US President Trump

Strong bonding between India and US

Neha’s inspiring factors are her grandfather Himmat Singh Dalal and father Mukesh Dalal. She says that the recent meeting Indian PM Narendra Modi and US President Trump holds a great significance. Both Modi and Trump were very intense about this meeting since they wish to establish good relations between the two Nations. A talk about giving 6 weeks maternity leave to a woman in a private job following the government pattern is going on. There is a suggestion that the husband should also be given leave on this basis. Whether a child is born or adopted, is irrespective.

Neha is the youngest of all females working in White House. She pointed out that a person’s work is respected in the US whereas in India, age rules. She says that more youth should be employed as policy makers.

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