Prof. Gaurav Vallabh files his nomination from Udaipur for the upcoming Rajasthan Assembly Elections

Prof. Gaurav Vallabh files his nomination from Udaipur for the upcoming Rajasthan Assembly Elections

The most beautiful city in the world demands the best infrastructure..., said Gaurav

Professor Gaurav Vallabh files nomination from Udaipur

Dr. (Prof) Gaurav Vallabh filed his nominations from the Udaipur Constituency, for the upcoming Rajasthan Assembly Elections on 25 November.

Speaking to media persons outside the Election Officers Office at the Udaipur Collectorate, Prof Gaurav emphasised on three dimensional vision for Udaipur that are part of the Congress Manifesto for Udaipur - Infrastructure development, efficiency in Mining and Tourism deevelopment.

Adding to this, Gaurav also promised that the city will welcome a Congress led Municipality, where both, the Mayor and Dy Mayor will be from the Congress.

Dr. Gaurav, indirectly hinting at haphazard development over the last two decades, he said that despite various agencies highlighting Udaipur among the top tourist destinations, the cleanliness ranking of Udaipur was 122.

He added that tourism development, specially sustainable tourism, which includes heritage tourism, medical tourism, adventure tourism, devotional tourism, will be a key area for employment generation, not only in Udaipur but in the entire Mewar geography. The second dimension, he added was infrastructure development and cleanliness in Udaipur. Mining development and incentivisation of new mineral discovery in the region was the third dimension of development in Udaipur.

Hitting on the municipality inaction, he said that the speed of work and projects is the slowest in Udaipur. There are just three flyovers in Udaipur and increase in population, traffic and visitor inflow needs a robust infrastructure.

About Gaurav Vallabh

Dr. xGaurav Vallabh is an academician by Profession and is the National Spokesperson for the Congress. Gaurav (46), born in Ranchi, completed his entire education from Rajasthan and is also a Chartered Accountant.

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