Will PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi ever come on stage for a public debat?

Will PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi ever come on stage for a public debat?

A senior Journalist and former Judges send a letter asking for a public debate...see the letter here...

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As per reports in the media, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi have been asked to do a face off in a public debate.

A letter, written jointly by a senior journalist N Ram and two retired Judges, Ajit Shah and Madan Lokur have written a letter, asking PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi to participate in public debate. They say that such a debate is necessary for either of them, to respond to the allegations that they mouth to each other in their public discourses. The letter said that the public only listens to their allegations but are not getting the response from either of them on these allegations. Further, they should also come on a public debate to describe the challenges from their or their parties perspective.

Both political parties, considered to be the principal opposition parties have raised allegations on each other and religion and constitution are the major topics in each of these allegations. Recently the Prime Minister publicly challenged the Congress on Article 370, Reservations and Wealth redistribution. On the other hand, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge challenged the Prime Minister to a public debate and also questioned the BJPs intention on amending the constitution, the electoral bond scheme and the government's response to China, in that order.

Socrates, a philosopher from Athens in the 5th Century BCE, argued that Democracy, which therotically gives citizens a say directly or through their elected representatives, was actually not as good as it appeared. Two of his biggest criticisms was the elected's lack of knowledge on governance and the potential of rise of an elected demagogue. He had argued that for voters to be educated on their choices, it was necessary for them to hear publicly what each of the contestants had to say. Educating the voters was of paramount importance, and public debates was the quickest and details method.

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