UDAIPUR District: 16 Lac voters cast their votes in Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023

UDAIPUR District: 16 Lac voters cast their votes in Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023

Total 21,85,264 Voters across 8 Constituencies in Udaipur District; 16,02,149 Votes cast. 

Voting Statistics for 8 constituencies in Udaipur District. Who are the Candidates contesting Elections in Udaipur District

The voting for Rajasthan Assmebly Elections 2023 took place on 25 November. Ten constituencies in Rajasthan, which are controlled by two national parties, viz. Congress and BJP are key to defining the power centre in the State. Elections on 25 November were held for 199 out of the 200 member legislative assembly seats.

The voting percentage across 8 constituencies in Udaipur District was 73.32%, which accounted for a total of 16,02,149 votes cast. This is the constituency wise breakup for Udaipur District:

Voters Voting % Votes Cast
GOGUNDA (ST)          2,64,791  71.70%        1,89,855
JHADOL (ST)          2,73,484  78.55%        2,14,822
KHERWARA (ST)          2,97,606  71.20%        2,11,895
UDAIPUR RURAL (ST)          2,85,172  74.05%        2,11,170
UDAIPUR          2,46,369  66.76%        1,64,476
MAVLI          2,57,997  79.12%        2,04,127
VALLABH NAGAR          2,64,696  75.20%        1,99,051
SALUMBER (ST)          2,95,149  70.05%        2,06,752
      21,85,264  73.32%     16,02,149


Udaipur city constituency witnessed lowest percentage voting at 66.76% (2018: 66.48%) while the highest of 79.12% was recorded in Mavli constituency.  Assam Governor and former Leader of Opposition in the Rajasthan Assembly, Gulab Chand Kataria, held fort in the Udaipur constituency 6 times. He was the MLA from Udaipur in the State Assembly, after defeating Congress leader Girija Vyas by a meagre 9,307 votes (5.94%) in 2018. He has been the power centre in Udaipur over the last 2 decades, but now has been made the Governor of Assam, which made him leave this battlefront in 2023. The voting percentage , which is 6.82% higher than 2018, when BJP secured this seat. The main contenders for this seat at Professor Gaurabv Vallabh from INC and Tarahand Jain from BJP. The other contenders are Manoj Labana from Aam Aadmi Party; Dr. Rajkumar Yadav from Bahujan Samaj Party; Tulsi Ram Gameti from Bharat Adivasi Party; Narbada Bhati from Bahujan Mukti Party; Bhuri Singh from Indian Peoples Green Party; Arjun Upadhyay, Ashu Agarwal and Dr Deepak Rawal as Independents.

Udaipur Rural

The Udaipur Rural constituency is represented currently by Phool Singh Meena of the BJP who maintains a very effective stronhold over this constituency. Meena defeated his nearest rival Dr Vivek Katara by a margin of 18,707 votes, which was 10.10% of the total votes cast. The total registered voters in Udaipur Rural are 2,85,172 (2018: 2,56,073) while the number of votes cast in 2023 elections is 2,11,170 (2018: 1,85,462), which is 74.05% (2018: 72.43%) voting. Eight (8) candidates are vying for this seat in the 2023 elections - Khemraj Katara (BSP); Phool Singh Meena (BJP); Dr. Vivek Katara (INC); Heera Lal Pargi (AAP); Amit Kumar Kharadi (BAP); Gebi Lal Damor (CPI); Phulia Phool Chand Meena (Independent); Shobha Lal Gameti (Independent).


Gogunda is one of 34 Assembly Seats reserved for candidates from the Scheduled Tribe (ST). On 25 Nov, the Gogunda constituency, which had 2,64,791 registered voters (2018: 2,43,063) saw a voter turnout of 71,70% (2018: 72.52%) , which meant that 1,89,855 votes (2018: 1,76,278) were cast. While the percentage of voting is slightly below the last elections, the number of votes cast have gone up by 13,577 against an increase of 21,728 total registered voters. The sitting MLA from Gogunda is Pratap Lal Bheel (Gameti) from BJP, who beat Dr. Mangi Lal Garasiya of the INC by a margin of 4,411 (2.50%). The contenders in 2023 for this seat are Pratap Lal Bheel (BJP); Dalapat Ram Garasiya (BSP); Dr. Mangi Lal Garasiya (INC); Hema Ram (AAP); Udai Lal Bheel (BAP); Lahara (CPI); Prem Chand Gameti and Batti Lal Meena as Independents.


Jhadol is the second seat reserved for candidates from the Scheduled Tribe in Udaipur district from among the 34 such seats for ST in Rajasthan. The sitting MLA from Jhadol in the Rajasthan Vidhansabha is Babu Lal from the BJP, who beat Sunil Kumar Bhajat of the INC, his nearest rival, by a margin of 12,947 votes (6.8%). In this election, Jhadol had a registered voter count of 2,73,484 (2018: 2,39,924) and a total of 2,14,822 (2018: 1,89,155), which is 78.55% (2018: 78.80%) of the total voters, cast their votes. The number of voters and those who cast their votes are in the same ratio. The contenders for this seat in the 2023 elections are Nima Lal (BSP); Prem Chand Pargi (CPI-M); Babulal Kharadi (BJP); Heera Lal Dangi (INC); Dinesh Pandor (Bharat Adivasi Party); Dr. Devi Vijay (BTP); Prachi Meena, Laduram and Shanti Lal as Independents.


Kherwara is another of the assembly seats among the 34 reserved for candidates from the Scheduled Tribe (ST). This constituency, which has 2,97,606 registered voters this year, witnessed a voter turnout of 2,11,895, which is 74.05% as against a voter turnout of 70% in the last Assembly Elections in 2018, when 1,86,378 voters cast their vote from a registered voting population of 2,66,274. The incumbent from the Kherwara seat is Dayaram Parmar of the Indian National Congress, and he had defeated Nanalal Ahari of the BJP by a huge margin of 24,991 votes, which is 13.40%. The contenders for this seat in the 2023 elections are Gautam Parmar (AAP); Dr. Dayaram Parmar (INC); Nana Lal Ahari (BJP); Nima Lal Bhil (BSP); Durgesh Kumar Meena (Ummeed Party of India); Praveen Kumar Parmar (BTP); Rajendra Kumar Meena (Indian Peoples Green Party); Vinod Kumar Meena (BAP) and Dr. Savita (Independent).


There are 10 candiates vying for this seat in the Udaipur district, of which 4 are Independent candidates. The 10 include Kuldeep Singh Chundawat (Rashtriy Loktantrik Party); Krishnagopal Paliwal (Bharatiya Janta Party); Pushkar Lal Dangi (INC); Dr Raj Kumar Yadav (BSP); Angur Lal Bheel (BAP); Jeev Raj Sharma (CPI); Dinesh Purohit (Independent); Praveen Singh Asoliya (Independent); Raju Puri (Independent) and Ram Lal Gurjar (Independent). A total of 2,57,997 (2018: 2,31,512) voters are registered in Mavli, of which 79.12% (2018: 79.10%) cast their votes, which means 2,04,127 (2018: 183,087) votes were cast. In 2018, Dharmnarayan Joshi of the BJP defeated his nearest rival Pushkar Lal Dangi of the INC by a margin of 26,978 votes, whici is 14.70%.

Vallabh Nagar

In 2018, Gajendra Singh Shaktawat of the Indian National Congress (INC) had defeated Randhir Singh Bhinder of the Janta Sena by a very low margin of 3,719 votes (2%). The Vallabh Nagar seat in the Mewar belt is the most hotly contested seat. In 2021, the death of Gajendra Singh Shaktawat resulted in a bye-election, which was also a hot contest. Udai Lal Dangi, the BJP candidate in the 2018 elections did not get a ticket from BJP this time, hence he contested with a ticket from the RLP. Preeti Gajendra Shaktawat, the wife of Late Gajendra Singh, won the seat with a ticket from the Congress, while Udai Lal Dangi took second position and Janta Sena's Randhir Singh Bhinder dropped to third place. BJP candidate's deposit was forfeited. The constituency boasts of 2,64,696 voters in 2023 (2018: 2,47,062) of which 1,99,051 (2018: 1,85,236) cast their votes. The voting percentage was 75.20% as compared to 75% in 2018, which means that the perventage of voters has remained the same. There are 8 candidates for this constituency, who include Udailal Dangi (BJP), Preeti Gajendra Singh Shaktawat (INC), Suresh Kumar Meghwal (BSP), Deependra Kumar Bhindar (Janta Sena Rajasthan), Sukhsampat Bagdi Meena (BAP), Puja - Puran Singh Rawat (Independent), Mohan Singh Rawat (Independent), Roop Lal Menaria (Independent).


Though Salumber was given a District status earlier this year, it continues to appear under Udaipur District when it comes to grouping in the Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023. A total of 10 candidates are contesting this seat which is among the 34 reserved seats for candidates from the Scheduled Tribe. The 10 candidates include Amrit Lal Meena (BJP), Kanheya Lal Meena (BSP), Raghuvir Singh Meena (INC), Kalu Ram Meena (CPI), Jitesh Kumar Meena (BAP), Prakash Meena (BTP), Govind Kalasuya (Independent), Durga Prasad Meena (Independent), Sewaram (Independent) and Harjilal (Independent). The total registered voters in Salumber are 2,95,149 (2018: 2,58,352), of which 2,06,752 (2018: 1,78,658) cast their votes. The voting percentage increased marginally from 69.2% in 2018 to 70.05% in 2023.

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