Phase 2 of Lok Sabha Elections: Udaipur recorded 66.66% Voting

Phase 2 of Lok Sabha Elections: Udaipur recorded 66.66% Voting

Over 22 Lakh Voters in Udaipur Constituency

Udaipur goes to vote on 26 April Lok Sabha Elections Udaipur Constituency includes Aspur, Gogunda, Dhariyawad, Jhadol. Kherwada, Udaipur City, Udaipur Rural and Salumber seats
Nearly 2.5 lakh voters in Udaipur Urban

26 April 2024 was the day when the second Phase of the voting towards Lok Sabha takes place and Udaipur is casting its vote today. People from all walks of life are casting their vote today and the rush at the polling booths began early in the morning. A newly wed couple cast its vote immediately after their wedding formalities were over, while an 85 year old man, just out of hospital after an operation, visited the poll centre to cast his vote.

Udaipur votes for Lok Sabha 2024

At 6:00 PM, Udaipur recorded a total voting percentage of 66.66%. The voting recorded across the 8 Vidhan Sabha seats that make up the Udaipur Lok Sabha Constituency, is as follows:

  • Aspur: 62.41%
  • Dhariyawad: 69.35%
  • Jhadol: 75.05%
  • Kherwada: 63.68%
  • Udaipur: 65.17%
  • Udaipur Rural: 69.53%
  • Salumber: 62.88%
  • Gogunda: 65.35%

A total of 89 Constituencies across 13 states go to vote today. In Udaipur, Voting began at 7am and will end at 6pm. 13 consituencies across Rajasthan went to vote today on 26 April. The updates on Vote % for the other seats in Rajasthan are as follows:

  • Ajmer: 59.73%
  • Banswara: 72.77%
  • Barmer: 74.25%
  • Bhilwara:  60.47%
  • Chittorgarh:  68.31%
  • Jhalore: 62.56%
  • Jalawar Baran:  69.03%
  • Jodhpur: 63.89%
  • Kota: 71.42%
  • Pali: 57.36%
  • Rajsamand: 58.46%
  • Tonk Sawai Madhopur: 56.55%

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