Udaipur’s Fashion Story

Udaipur’s Fashion Story

Since ages there has been an unavoidable and irresistible war between the sexes. Our great ancestors have been making an unstoppable attempt to attract their female counterparts and vice a versa. People


Udaipur’s Fashion StorySince ages there has been an unavoidable and irresistible war between the sexes. Our great ancestors have been making an unstoppable attempt to attract their female counterparts and vice a versa. There have not been many changes since then, and it is obviously not our fault. Mother Nature made us like this. Whatever you are, whatever you want to be, wherever you may live, whichever culture or society you may belong to, the human race cannot move ahead without this game of attraction.

And this is how we came to fashion .Every civilization that came into existence, by some means or other used various fashion trends to attract the opposite sex. Some accepted it openly and some resisted it, those resisted and refused to accept it came to be called as conservative societies.

Fortunately, India has been quite a liberal society. We accepted what came to us just by a little modification. And in today’s time we have our own temple of fashion that is Bollywood. And our film stars as fashion Gods. We worship them and follow them. We are not only inspired by them but nowadays television has a huge impact on our lifestyle and fashion, especially women adoring  the types of saree’s and bindi’s their favorite star wear.  This trend can also be witnessed in Udaipur , many shops in the city sell dresses in the name of television stars like Tapasya part 2 and Kumkum Style, unbelievable but true.

Fashion in India has evolved from bell-bottoms to skin fit denims, from sarees to short dresses, from voluptuous to zero figure, but thankfully bikinis have always remained unchanged.

Few years back fashion only meant for women and was not much discussed and talked about by men. But today’s men are not only very conscious about their looks and fashion but also feel quite free to talk about it. They now go to gym, beauty parlors and buy branded clothes. These surely happened earlier also but now the percentage of men doing it has increased marginally. Branded clothes have become a new wave in Udaipur, boys as small as 12 to 13 years now prefer to buy and wear branded clothes.

Similarly things have also changed for women. Women earlier wore huge hair buns and flowers but now they prefer their hair’s let loose. There was a time when women liked macho men with mustache but now they prefer clean shaved metro-sexual chocolate boys. Individual choices may vary.

All these changes can be attributed mainly to Bollywood. Whatever our film stars do we have a tendency to follow them. Once Sadhna’s hairstyle became a revolution among girls and ladies of 70’s, then Salman Khan’s hair style in Tere Nam became a craze among young boys , and now Shahrukh Khan’s six pack abs have become a style statement for many.

Fashion has been and will always be a hot topic of discussion.

Udaipur’s Fashion Story

Fashion story in Udaipur has also been quite eventful. Now Udaipur has a long list of branded showrooms.  Puma and Vanhusen have also recently joined our city with Levis, Color Plus, Killer, Pepe, Flying Machine, Spykar and Lee etc. People in the city have become quite conscious about their looks and fashion trends. Many beauty parlors and fashion boutiques have found place in the city. Habib’s Beauty Parlor has been shifted to Hiran Magri Sec.4 from Hotel Trident. People of Udaipur like and love fashion in there own little way.

I am not a fashion genius, but still I would love to get dressed up like my favorite actress especially during Navratri season. What’s your style statement?

photo credits: pictosh via flickr

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