Government needs to promote Marwari horses in sports for their conservation

Government needs to promote Marwari horses in sports for their conservation

There is a concerning decline in their population...

Marwari Horse
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The Marwari horse, known for its intelligence and loyalty, has a rich history as a war companion. Today, its roles vary: 32% in weddings, 28% in tourism, 30% in breeding, and only 10% in sports. Despite their remarkable qualities, there is a concerning decline in their population.

To ensure their preservation, we must focus on promoting Marwari horses in sports. Their stamina and adaptability make them ideal for demanding activities. If the government supports horse-related sports, it can boost the number of horses engaged in these activities, fostering the growth of sports and ensuring the conservation of this exceptional breed. 

The Marwari horse is renowned for its intelligence and loyalty. It often exhibits decision-making skills tailored to the given circumstances. Beyond the typical horse games, it finds utility in various other sports. However, it is disheartening to observe a lack of substantial encouragement for these alternative games. 

If increased support were directed toward promoting a diverse range of sports for the Marwari horse, not only could its utility broaden, but there could also be positive implications for its breeding and overall care. Embracing a more comprehensive approach to sports could enhance the well-being and potential of this breed.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika


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