Dakshita Kumawat of Udaipur claims victory in Rajasthan State Sub Junior Chess Competition

Dakshita Kumawat of Udaipur claims victory in Rajasthan State Sub Junior Chess Competition

She will represent Rajasthan in the upcoming National Chess competition to be held in Maharashtra...

Dakshita Kumawat Chess Winner
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The Sub-Junior State Chess competition, which took place in Kota, has concluded with Dakshita Kumawat, a talented young girl from Udaipur, emerging as the champion. President Rajeev Bhardwaj expressed his joy at Dakshita's remarkable achievement, as she scored an impressive 6.5 out of 7 points in the tournament. With her sharp strategic moves and keen understanding of the game, Dakshita managed to outplay her opponents and consistently secure victories. Her dedication and hard work, combined with the guidance and support of her coach, Ayush Jain, played a crucial role in her success.

The Sub-Junior State Chess competition held in Kota was an intense and competitive event that showcased the talents of young chess players from various regions. Among them, Dakshita Kumawat, a skilled and determined girl hailing from Udaipur, displayed exceptional prowess throughout the tournament. The final match was undoubtedly the highlight of the competition, as Dakshita's exceptional skills were on full display. With a remarkable score of 6.5 out of 7, she claimed the championship title, earning the well-deserved recognition as the best player in the tournament.

According to Tushar Mehta, Dakshita will be representing Rajasthan in the upcoming National Chess competition, which is scheduled to take place in Maharashtra. Similarly, in the State-Level Senior Chess competition, Divyanshu Bebal from Udaipur secured the championship title and will also represent Rajasthan in the National Competition to be held in Maharashtra next month. Dakshita’s achievement not only brings pride to Udaipur but also positions her as a rising star in the chess community. As the news of her victory spreads, Dakshita becomes an inspiration for young chess enthusiasts across the state. The State-Level Junior Open and Girls FIDE Rating Chess Competition is set to commence in Udaipur on 28 July, 2023. 


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