SkyDive in Neemrana Rajasthan|Get that adrenaline rush

SkyDive in Neemrana Rajasthan|Get that adrenaline rush

It is time for some amazing adventure and the best way to get relief from the depressing pandemic. 
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Local firm Modair has introduced this aero sport in Neemrana ( Rajasthan) and Aligarh (UP). 

Adventure flying, cockpit flying and sky diving are the thrills offered by Modair. 

Here is good news for the lovers of adventure and thrill. In the list of hair-raising activities, one activity has been added that will send your adrenaline rushing. It is none other than sky diving. The thrill has been introduced by an Indian firm and it is sure to provide you relief from the depressing life in the pandemic era.

Modair, the firm that promises a good list of aero-sports will offer thrills like sky diving, cockpit flying and adventure flying in Neemrana which is an ancient historic town in Alwar district. Aero-sports are sure to boost adventure tourism in India.  

The firm features 15 small aircrafts which include 5 Cessna-172. These aircrafts are used for aero sports such as sky-diving. The aircraft goes to a height of 10000 ft. from where parachuters dive from aircraft. The firm has ordered 10 P2006T aircraft of Italian firm Tecnam and that their main base is the Aligarh Airport. Modair also said that from Neemrana, they fly west for aero sports towards Bhiwani and Hisar.

The introduction of sky diving facility in Rajasthan will add more to the tourism in the state. Rajasthan is heading towards becoming a hot-spot for adventure tourism. It may be noted that eco-tourism is being loved by a lot of tourists and locals. People are more inclined towards adventure and thrill activities in the pandemic era as this is being looked forward to as the best way to deal with the depressive state of mind that has engulfed most of the population in the world.   

(news source and inputs:toi)

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