How to Choose the Best Fancy Cricket App?

How to Choose the Best Fancy Cricket App?

Imagine if you could have your very own team with your preferred cricketers. In fact, this does happen in fantasy cricket
How to Choose the Best Fancy Cricket App?
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The game of cricket is truly invigorating and oftentimes takes the nation by storm. The excitement and adrenaline until the last ball is a truly scintillating experience. And if you are one among the many who just plain adore the game, you must certainly try out the fantasy version of it.

When we use the word fantasy, the word imagination comes to the mind. Now, imagine if you could have your very own team with your preferred cricketers. In fact, this does happen in fantasy cricket.

Over the years the growing popularity of the fantasy sport, many apps have come up giving chances for sports fanatic to have their own team. What’s more, the current performances of the players influence your own scoreboard. The more points you get, the more cash you win.

And, with the upcoming IPL series, the IPL Fantasy League 2020 is just around the corner too. But with so many apps, how would one choose the best fantasy cricket app. We are here to answer this question.

How Does Fantasy Cricket Work?

Technical one must play before a real-time match. Meaning, as a fantasy player, you get to play by sharing your opinion and assumptions as to which team would win the match. Based on these assumptions you stand a chance to win cash prizes.

While it may sound easy but a lot is taken into consideration when choosing the teams and players. Needless to say, many fantasy sports apps are coming up and choosing just the right one could be quite intimidating.

What Must you look for in Your Fantasy Cricket App?

Safety and security concerns are ever-present when you consider any number of games online. However, most of fantasy cricket apps are encrypted with safe payment and cash withdrawal options. Moreover, these apps are also deemed to be legal.

Look for Sign-up bonuses: Most of these apps offer bonus cash points on signing up. While this may be used as a decider, you must consider other aspects too. That is if these credits qualify you to cash matches or not. Apart from the initial sign-up bonus, some apps also offer a referral bonus where you earn cash when your referral signs up or plays in certain cases.

Based on your standing on the leaderboard you are assigned certain ranks. And, based on these ranks you win cash prizes after the outcome of the real-time match is revealed.

Can you Withdraw your Winnings: While this option is available on certain apps where you can transfer your winnings directly to your bank account, others do not. Thus, make sure if you can encash your earnings before registering on the app.

PAN Card and Verification: While select apps require you to furnish your PAN and bank account details others do not. Also, some require verification of your account details too. Thus, based on your comfort levels, you may choose the app with or without the verification process involved. Also, if you are not too keen on furnishing your PAN card details and account details, you may choose the apps, where it is not mandatory.

Using these key elements, you may choose the app that suits your needs and preferences.

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