Is Online Betting Legal in Udaipur?

Is Online Betting Legal in Udaipur?

In Rajasthan and thus in Udaipur consequently, online gambling is not illegal but the betting sites are highly encrypted and this makes the process of betting more tricky than you would like
Is Online Betting Legal in Udaipur?

Online betting is very popular nowadays where people are betting on their favorite teams and its players. But living in Udaipur, is it possible for you to easily and legally bet online?

Why is online betting so popular?

Because online gambling allows for convenience and this is the very reason why online betting is becoming extremely catchy. People no longer have to think about stepping outside their homes to go to a physical location to bet on their favorite teams.

With online betting, all the tools that you actually require are a hand-held device or a laptop/desktop and a working internet connection with reasonably good speed. 

Skills are definitely important too which you will most certainly need if you are looking to win while you are betting. Actually, the more you know about the sport or game you’re betting on, the more likely you are to win. 

So if you’re a huge cricket fan, or if you’ve always wanted to learn everything to do with horse racing or casino games, you’ll definitely want to give this a try.

There are so many online opportunities for betting. You may even find yourself overwhelmed with the number of choices at hand. 

Hence, it is prudent that you find out the details about the betting site before signing yourself up for an account in any or all of them. It requires thorough research and careful assessment to understand what will work. You should look up several reviews before you jump right in.

That said, almost every state has its own laws regarding the legality behind online betting. In spite of various laws trying to stop it, online gambling is a statewide issue. Despite several prohibitive laws, the Indian gambling market is worth around US $60 billion per year. Unfortunately, half of that amount is illegally bet.

It is important to mention here that Indian casinos cannot have physical sites that encourage online gambling games. This includes casinos, and sports betting. 

According to the 1867 Public Gambling Act, gambling has been deemed illegal. But, the online gambling pace is slowly picking up in India where states have slightly flexible laws. Sikkim, for instance, has relaxed its laws and permitted online betting and gambling as of 2009.

In Rajasthan and thus in Udaipur consequently, online gambling is not illegal but the betting sites are highly encrypted and this makes the process of betting more tricky than you would like.

So let’s say your favourite cricket player has a match coming up soon and you’d like to bet on the team winning. Or maybe you want to discover something completely new - like try out some exciting new casino games. Maybe you’ve always wanted to be involved in the classic sport of horse racing.

Bottom line - how can you bet legally and safely online from Udaipur?

On the bright side, it is NOT illegal for non-Indian casino companies to target players from India for their betting sites. There are certain requirements that the off-shore casinos need to follow to allow Indian players to do online betting through foreign sites. The most crucial requirement is that the non-Indian casinos MUST offer Indian Rupees as a payment and payout option for players from India. Otherwise, it becomes an exchange of foreign currencies.

You will easily find several gambling websites that are legal in the European Union. These websites offer a platform for safe, secure and well regulated games for poker, bingo and sports betting, etc. 

These websites are rather reliable and you can be assured of getting paid if you win. Most of these sites, if not all,  can be accessed by anyone in Udaipur with a good internet connection.

Betting sites like bet365, Royal Panda and Betway operate outside India and also accept Indian rupee deposits and withdrawals. 

As long as the website is being operated from an off-shore site and is not tied to India, you can legally use these sites for online betting.

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