Rendezvous with Khali the Great-Khali in Udaipur

Rendezvous with Khali the Great-Khali in Udaipur

Khali the Great is in Udaipur

Rendezvous with Khali the Great-Khali in Udaipur

Khali the Great aka Dalip Singh Rana reached Udaipur on Wednesday 6th December. Presenting an excerpt from rendezvous with Khali the Great…

Khali hails from a very small village in Himachal Pradesh. Village Dhiraina is such a small village where buses don’t go even today. There are no tar roads, not even water and electricity. Khali expressed the struggles of his life which began from his journey to Punjab Police till he reached WWE. For him, being from a poor family, it was not easy becoming one of the 4thtallest WWE fighters.

His dream came true when he faced the undertaker in the wrestling ring. He said that he felt on seventh sky while facing the undertaker. Other wrestlers used to tell him that that they were scared of even shaking hands with the undertaker.

As per Khali, a lot of discrimination takes place in WWE. He also faced this situation but it did not affect him at all. Khali says that had there been anybody else in his place, he would have been finished. WWE members were amazed at his fan following in India. Khali is happy that everyone supported him in India, including the media.

Khali wants to train more people in wrestling so that they can create a name for India in the world of wrestling. CWE started in Jallandhar in 2015. Kavita Devi from CWE went to WWE. The CWE academy has around 15 wrestlers from Rajasthan. Almost 250 wrestlers are preparing for wrestling in the CWE academy. Khali laid emphasis on the fact that their academy is actively working on keeping the youngsters away from addictions.

Khali said that he always loved boxing and wrestling. But while in Police services, he was not allowed to participate in any of the competitions since he was overweight. During the days of struggle, Khali worked as labour and even broke rocks. Later he became champion in body building in North India-Punjab region.

Since he wanted to go ahead in life, he went to Punjab. After getting here he learnt that there was more life beyond Punjab. In the year 2000 he started learning to wrestle. He faced a lot of challenges like no money in pocket, poor knowledge of English and not having a home. With these problems, living in America was the biggest challenge.

He reached Japan in 2001. There he earned money through wrestling and also learnt the toughest of wrestling. This was tougher than WWE, says Khali. The mighty wrestlers of WWE have learnt from Japan. He also worked in a few Hollywood films and earned his living. Khali says that his parents were scared to watch him in WWE. But later his victories lessened their fears. As per Khali he got invited by WWE after he sent mails to them.

Khali is saddened by the fact that he was not allowed to participate in wrestling during his job in Punjab Police. He was misguided by his trainers who kept him away from wrestling by declaring him overweight. He says that he could have won a lot of medals for his country had the trainers been alert.

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