Udaipur's Ashok Menaria Parts Ways with Rajasthan Cricket Association

Udaipur's Ashok Menaria Parts Ways with Rajasthan Cricket Association

Joins Haryana Team for New Chapter

Ashok Menaria

Ashok Menaria, a renowned cricketer who has achieved great success in the sport, has recently made a significant move in his career. After parting ways with the Rajasthan Cricket Association, Menaria has joined the Haryana Cricket Association. This decision marks a new chapter in his cricketing journey as he gears up to represent Haryana in the upcoming season of the Ranji Trophy. Having previously played for India's Under-19 team, Menaria brings a wealth of experience and talent to his new team. However, it is worth noting that his departure from the Rajasthan Cricket Association was not a voluntary choice. Menaria was compelled to make this decision due to certain circumstances. Nonetheless, he remains determined to continue pursuing his passion for cricket and is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead with the Haryana Cricket Association.

Ashok Menaria's cricketing journey began in Udaipur, where he first discovered his passion for the sport. His talent quickly caught the attention of selectors, and he was soon selected for the Under-14 team. From that point on, Menaria's career soared to new heights, leaving an indelible mark in the cricketing world. Continuing to excel, Menaria progressed to the Under-19 India team, where he showcased his skills on the international stage. Not only was he a valuable player, but he also had the honor of leading the team in the Under-19 World Cup, displaying his leadership abilities at a young age.

Following his success at the junior level, Menaria's talent earned him a spot in the Rajasthan Ranji team. Remarkably, he was appointed as the captain of the team at the tender age of 20. This appointment was a testament to his maturity, skills, and ability to lead his teammates effectively. Throughout his career, Menaria has shown his leadership prowess by captaining teams at various levels, from Under-14 to the prestigious Ranji Trophy. His dedication, determination, and consistent performance have contributed to his success, establishing him as a respected cricketer in the realm of Indian cricket.

Following his move to the Haryana team, Ashok Menaria engaged in a conversation with Anirudh Chowdhary, who had previously served as the manager of the Under-19 World Cup team, with Menaria as the captain. During their discussion, Menaria revealed that prior to joining Haryana, Chowdhary sought advice from Mahendra Sharma, the former secretary of the Rajasthan Cricket Association, known for his contributions to Udaipur cricket. Curious about Chowdhary's inquiry, Menaria reached out to Sharma for his perspective. In response, Sharma suggested that if a better opportunity presented itself with the Rajasthan Cricket Association, Menaria should pursue it. This advice from Sharma highlighted the importance of considering all possibilities and weighing them against the prospects that lay ahead. Menaria's interaction with Chowdhary and his subsequent conversation with Sharma showcased the support and guidance he received from individuals who had played significant roles in his cricketing journey. These discussions provided Menaria with valuable insights and ultimately influenced his decision to join the Haryana team.

The departure of both Ravi Vishnoi and Ashok Menaria from the Rajasthan Cricket Association serves as a reminder for cricket officials to reassess their approach towards player development and engagement. Creating an environment that fosters growth, recognizes talent, and provides equal opportunities will go a long way in retaining players and ensuring the success of cricket associations.

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