Udaipur: National Strength Lifting Competition attracts top players, both National and International

Udaipur: National Strength Lifting Competition attracts top players, both National and International

Powerful showdown begins...

Power Lifting Championship Udaipur

The 33rd National Strength Lifting Competition commenced on Thursday at the Bhandari Viewers Pavilion sports ground, situated in Chetak Circle, Udaipur city. The event saw enthusiastic participation from athletes competing in various categories, showcasing their strength and talent. The camaraderie among the players was evident as they encouraged each other during the weightlifting rounds. The competition will continue for a total of 5 days, with the next round scheduled to take place on Friday 28 July 2023. On this same day, the women's competition will also be held, adding to the excitement of the event. Renowned coaches and referees with international expertise are overseeing and officiating the competition, ensuring its fairness and high standards. A day before the actual competitions commenced, the event began with an impressive march past by the participating players, setting the tone for the thrilling contests ahead.

The Youngest Participant Nidhi Kalyani

Kalyani Youngest Player

Nidhi Kalyani, a talented 12-year-old athlete from Jaipur, stands as the youngest participant in the Rajasthan team at the competition. Currently studying in 7th grade, Nidhi has already displayed remarkable achievements in her sporting journey. Having clinched the gold medal twice at the state level and an impressive six gold medals at the district level, Nidhi's consistent success demonstrates her exceptional skills and dedication to her craft. With such a strong track record, she is highly anticipated to secure yet another gold medal in this prestigious competition. Her outstanding performances and determination make her a promising contender for the top position in the event.

800 Players from 22 States

The National Strength Lifting Competition has drawn an impressive participation of approximately 800 players hailing from 22 states across the country. National Chief Judge, Manoj Kumar Singh, revealed that the competition has been thoughtfully divided into several weight-based categories to ensure fair and exciting contests for all participants.

For senior men, there are a total of 9 weight categories, while senior women will compete in 7 distinct categories. Master men will showcase their strength in 6 categories, and master women will have 5 categories dedicated to their skill levels. Additionally, the competition also embraces inclusivity with 5 categories dedicated to differently-abled athletes, providing them with an opportunity to exhibit their remarkable abilities in strength lifting. The diverse range of categories promises a thrilling and memorable event for both the athletes and spectators alike.

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