Online fraud graph rises-Police technically unupdated

Online fraud graph rises-Police technically unupdated

Online fraud cases are rising even more and police is not technically updated.

Online fraud graph rises-Police technically unupdated

Graph of online fraud has gone high in the past one year. Last year 203 cases of online fraud were reported. It has been pointed out that police is not technically updated to deal with these cases.

Reports say that year 2017 saw 203 cases of online fraud. None of the cases have been solved completely. The reason stated for this is that police is technically not updated to handle these cases with expertise. Police is not able to track the whereabouts of these online thugs.

It has also been reported that many times police does not even register cases of such nature. If at all such cases are registered, they are closed soon since investigating them becomes a hassle for police. Cases of online fraud are mostly closed or hidden in files which are meant for cases under IPC Section 420.

Details reveal that all these people committing online frauds find different ways of crime. Technically these cyber criminals are extremely smart and have caused enough headaches for police department. Since police department has not been given intense technical training, they are unable to get to the core of crime. Cyber cell has a staff of only 5 members who are reportedly non-technical. These cyber staff members are either holders of M.Com degree or are BA or MA pass outs. Basically they do not have any knowledge of analysing the online systems hence the fraud cases are not solved.

Police department has said that their cyber cell is trained, but it is difficult to solve all the cases since they are of intense nature. Basically a proper lab and well trained technical staff are needed to tackle online fraud cases. A portal is also needed where people can register the crime they have faced so that they do need to move from one police station to another.

It is also important that consumers stay vigilant and report any such crime with all details as soon as possible instead of trying to find details on their own. They should not fall prey to any misleading phone call and not give details under the feelings of greed and/or be tempted by any special schemes that promise to make them rich in no time.

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