11 flights delayed due to fog

11 flights delayed due to fog

The flights got delayed for upto 1 hour. 
11 flights delayed due to fog
Fog creates invisibility and it becomes almost impossible for the flights to take off. 

Fog creates invisibility and when the visibility factor is too low, flights cannot take off as it becomes hazardous to fly in such a weather. 

Flights are getting delayed everyday. Udaipur airport witnessed delays in the operations of 11 flights on Monday. The flights got delayed by 15 minutes to 1 hour.

The flights coming to Udaipur that got delayed on Monday are as follows:
Flight number     Sector        Delay time
6E-2322              Del-Udr       29 min
6E-2746              Del-Udr       53 min
6E-978                Blr-Udr        19 min
6E-749                Bom-Udr      22 min
6E-6915              Hyd-Udr       54 min
6E-764                Bom-Udr      17 min
UK-613               Bom-Udr       38 min

The flights leaving Udaipur also got delayed.
Flight number    Sector        Delay time
6E-2323            Udr-Del        30 min
6E-748              Udr-Bom      1hr7min
6E-6916            Udr-Hyd       39 min
AI-472               Udr-Del        42 min

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