5 Countries Offering Visa Benefits for Indian Travellers in 2024

5 Countries Offering Visa Benefits for Indian Travellers in 2024

Here are five notable updates...

5 Countries offering Visa Benefits to Indians
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As the summer holiday season approaches, Indian travellers have reason to rejoice as several countries unveil new visa regulations to facilitate smoother and more accessible journeys. 

Japan Launches eVisas for Indian Tourists

Japan introduces electronic visa applications for Indian travellers, simplifying the process through Japan Visa Application Centers operated by VFS Global. The eVisa allows for a single-entry stay of up to 90 days, catering to both Indian nationals and residents. Notably, visas will be issued electronically, requiring travellers to present a visa issuance notice on their mobile devices at the airport.

Dubai Unveils Five-Year Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa

In response to the surge in Indian visitors, Dubai unveils a new visa program offering a five-year multiple-entry permit. Travellers can stay up to 90 days per visit, extendable once annually. The visa caters to both leisure and business trips, allowing unlimited entries and exits within the five-year period.

Thailand Offers Visa-Free Entry for Indian Passport Holders

Indian travellers receive a temporary visa exemption from Thailand, allowing for visa-free entry for tourism purposes until May 10, 2024. Visitors can enjoy a 30-day stay during this period, simplifying travel arrangements for those exploring the vibrant attractions of Thailand.

Kenya Eliminates Visa Requirements

Kenya abolishes visa requirements for Indian citizens and global visitors alike, effective January 1. This visa-free initiative aims to boost Kenya's tourism sector, offering seamless travel experiences for those seeking wildlife safaris and beach vacations.

Romania and Bulgaria Expand Schengen Visa Access

Romania and Bulgaria partially join the Schengen Area, enabling Indian travellers to obtain Schengen visas from these countries. The visas permit stays of up to 90 days within a 180-day period, albeit with passport checks when travelling between different Schengen destinations. Visa issuance can be processed through the official websites of Romania and Bulgaria.

These visa updates offer Indian travellers enhanced flexibility and convenience, opening up new opportunities for exploration and adventure in diverse destinations around the globe.

Source: Times Of India


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