Rail Travel: 56-Day journey possible with single ticket

Rail Travel: 56-Day journey possible with single ticket

Circular journey facility...

Indian Railways

Railway passengers often remain unaware of the numerous facilities available to them. However, those travelers who familiarize themselves with these amenities can embark on long-distance journeys seamlessly. One particularly convenient option is the Circular Journey, allowing a traveler to cover a period of up to 56 days with a single ticket.

When considering train travel, most people are aware that tickets are typically non-refundable after a day. However, the Circular Journey feature offers a unique advantage. Travelers can disembark and board at different stations, seamlessly catching subsequent trains for further exploration. This eliminates the hassle of having to purchase tickets repeatedly, enhancing the convenience of the travel experience.

Tickets Will Be Provided Offline

The Circular Journey facility ticket can be obtained at the railway station. Travelers must indicate the starting city, the intermediate city where they will disembark, and the date when they plan to resume their journey. Upon providing all the required information, the ticket will be issued, enabling the traveler to proceed with their journey.

To enjoy the advantages of the Circular Journey facility, travelers must acquire a confirmed ticket explicitly crafted for circular trips. This specialized ticket should be customized to accommodate the circular journey, including detailed information about the traveler's intended destinations and travel dates. 

For a traveler intending to journey from Udaipur to Goa and wishing to explore different locations along the way, strategic route planning is crucial. During this planning, it becomes essential to verify the train connectivity at each stage of the journey. To enhance the travel experience, it is advisable for the traveler to refrain from revisiting the same station. To facilitate this, the traveler needs to inform the railway authorities in advance. 

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